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Hike, bike or skate — explore the South Beach trails

Newport has an abundance of beautiful hikes for anyone, whether you enjoy more of a scenic walk or a challenging incline with a rewarding view.

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Keeping it eco-friendly on the coast

If you care deeply about the environment, you’ll be right at home in Newport.

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Great indoor activities bad weather

Spending the day at the beach in Oregon is a gamble. While a sunny day at the beach is ideal, sometimes Oregon’s notoriously rainy weather has other plans.

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Coastal hobbies: storm watching and beachcombing

If you’re a cup half-full kind of person, storm watching is an easy way to make the best of a rainy day. While the sound of rain and the smell of petrichor are beautiful on their own, on the coast, we get the benefit of watching the waves as well.

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5 Feature: Home

An artist’s itinerary in Newport

The beautiful central Oregon coast has attracted artists of all mediums to come and call it “home” — and it’s not hard to see why.

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Respecting nature and all its inhabitants

Newport is known for the natural beauty surrounding it. From the forests on the west side to the beaches on the east, Mother Nature is a cross-town resident of our beautiful city.

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