Newport Facts: We’re famous on film!

Newport Facts: We’re famous on film!

Newport has played host to many film and TV crews over the decades — have you noticed us in some of your favorite films?

Sometimes it’s just a scene or two, but we like to think our landscape makes a big impression.

In 1970, “Sometimes A Great Notion,” based on the work of Oregonian author Ken Kesey, was shot entirely within a 30-mile radius of Newport. The film takes place in the fictional town of Wakonda, Oregon — really a hodge-podge of Newport, Toledo, Kernville and other areas along the Siletz River. Over a decade later, in 1987, the classic romantic comedy “Overboard” was shot in Newport, along with several California coast locations.

In the 2000s, the city’s screen appearances trended more towards horror. Those with a keen eye will recognize the iconic Moesko Island Lighthouse, as seen in the 2002 film “The Ring,” is actually the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. And, in the opening shots of “Prom Night,” a 2008 horror flick, frequent visitors may recognize their favorite view of the bay making a cameo appearance: the Yaquina Bay Bridge.

Who could forget “Deadliest Catch,” a documentary series about crab fishing, filming in our historic port? They came to visit the Dungeness Crab Capital in 2016.

While you shouldn’t come to visit the coast in person right now, no one’s stopping you from taking a trip through the big screen — check out these films and see if you can spot our historic landmarks!