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An artist’s itinerary in Newport

The beautiful central Oregon coast has attracted artists of all mediums to come and call it “home” — and it’s not hard to see why.

From the natural beauty hiding around every corner to the thriving artistic community, Newport is hard to resist for painters, photographers, actors, glassblowers, musicians and the multitalented, alike. Try it for yourself!

Start the morning off at Ultralife Cafe in Nye Beach to get a great cup of coffee and your choice of amazing breakfast options — which include traditional, vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options. While you’re there, soak in the atmosphere and take note of the Oh Wonder record framed on the wall — it shares its name with the cafe. Then it’s time to get moving.

Take a few steps out of the cafe toward the ocean and you’ll arrive at the Newport Visual Arts Center, which has rotating exhibits and classrooms upstairs to learn new skills or refine the tried-and-true. Just a little bit farther up the sidewalk is the Yaquina Art Association, which houses a gallery and the membership of a great group of local artists from all disciplines. On Coast Street, just a short walk away, you can also find For ArtSake Gallery, an artist-owned co-op gallery brimming with talent and inspiration.

Take a quick drive around town and you’ll see the city’s commitment to art through its many public murals — there are 23 murals of various sizes nested along the Historic Bayfront, which you can find by wandering or following the city’s official map. The Rogue Ale’s Distillery wall mural in South Beach is also worth the trip across the bridge — plus, you can grab lunch at Rogue Brewer’s on the Bay.

While in South Beach, take a stroll through the Oregon Coast Aquarium’s new exhibit, SeaPunk, which is filled with marine-inspired art as well as artistic touches all through the interactive experience.

From small businesses to city landmarks, art is everywhere in this coastal town. Whether you join the community for a weekend getaway or decades after retirement, we can’t wait to see what you create on the coast.