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Eat like a local

The coast has a variety of fresh ingredients ripe for the picking — or catching, in the case of our seafood — which you can experience in many of our fine restaurants.

But what you may not know, is that you can get a taste of how locals like to enjoy their fresh catches very easily.

If you’re staying in lodging that provides a kitchen, you could attempt to incorporate locally harvested mushrooms and freshly caught crab or clams yourself. These ingredients taste great with just a little butter and seasoning, and many fish markets would be happy to provide instructions on how to cook them properly.

However, if you’re not culinarily inclined, you could take a freshly caught crab to South Beach Fish Market, where they are happy to expertly cook your crab for you. But if you still want the chance to try cooking it yourself later, bring in the prizes of your fishing labor and they can vacuum pack your catch, freeze it and ship it to your home.

Of course, if fishing and crabbing isn’t your thing, they also provide fresh, local catches in the market — cooked and raw — so you can get the same experiences without going out to catch them yourself. South Beach Fish Market is a one-stop-shop for all your seafood needs — and they provide lots of recipes on their website. Stop by and see for yourself why both locals and visitors love this eatery.