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Coastal hobbies: storm watching and beachcombing

If you’re a cup half-full kind of person, storm watching is an easy way to make the best of a rainy day. While the sound of rain and the smell of petrichor are beautiful on their own, on the coast, we get the benefit of watching the waves as well.

The rain and winds that come with storms are accompanied by huge waves, which bring some people a sense of serene wonder. As long as you’re viewing the sea from a safe place, it’s a wonderful way to spend a rainy day. In Newport, the best spot, by far, is Yaquina Head on the north side of town. From there, not only do you get a spectacular view, but you can take a tour of the lighthouse for a quick break from the downpour.

But once the storm passes, the fun isn’t over — right after a storm is a prime time to go beachcombing, when the rain and winds unbury treasures in the sand and erode agates off of the cliffs. With a bucket and a walk along the shoreline, you can come home with a number of beautiful treasures from sand dollars to agates and more!
Around Newport, Agate Beach and South Beach both offer great beachcombing opportunities — though you’re more likely to find fossils on Nye Beach near Jump-Off Joe. Wherever you decide to look, happy combing!