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Cleanups: another way to beach-comb

You might notice when you visit one of Newport’s beautiful beaches, that there’s not much trash to be seen in the sand. There are two reasons for that: responsible beachgoers and generous volunteers.

Beach cleanups are scheduled regularly by volunteer groups who like to spend their time collecting trash while making great memories with friends and family.

It may sound odd, that collecting trash is a tradition for some and a daily hobby for others, but our locals take pride in helping the environment — and so do many Oregonians across the state. If you’re interested in seeing what all the hubbub is about, it’s easy to get started.

Nonprofit organizations like Surfrider Foundation and SOLVE regularly schedule cleanups on our beaches, which is an easy way to make friends, meet new people and be part of a big-impact project. The Newport Surfrider Chapter has their calendar online here, and SOLVE’s can be found here.

If there’s not a cleanup scheduled during your visit, or you’re just more of a lone wolf, try taking a walk on the beach any day with just a bucket or bag for collecting trash. Walking on sand is a great workout, and it provides an opportunity to get some fresh air. Many locals like to multitask by taking their dog for a walk while they skim the sand for trash.

However you like to roll, we hope you’ll join in the efforts to keep our beaches looking beautiful.