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Hike, bike or skate — explore the South Beach trails

Newport has an abundance of beautiful hikes for anyone, whether you enjoy more of a scenic walk or a challenging incline with a rewarding view.

Just south of the bridge, South Beach State Park offers trails that can be explored on foot, bikes, skates and horseback.

Around the edge of the park’s campground is the Cooper Ridge Nature Trail, a 1.75-mile loop through dense, lush forest and meadow habitats. While walking through this wildly vegetated area, hikers can see sala, evergreen huckleberry, and Sitka spruce while surrounded by the sounds of the forest.

The South Jetty Trail is a 10-foot wide, paved, ADA-accessible path, which links the park and the South Jetty recreation area. The one-mile hike is a great way to start the morning after waking up at the campground or to get some time in the forest before heading to the beach that’s just a few feet away. The paved path makes it a great choice for those riding city bikes or roller skates/blades, as well as for wheelchair users.

The Old Jetty Trail is another wooded alternative, which basically parallels the paved trail but goes through the shore pine forest and dune habitats of the park.

The equestrian trail begins at the South Jetty and leads to the beach, providing the perfect opportunity to get in an early morning ride or for a sunset ride on the beach.

With all the trails running through the park, there’s hours of hiking to do and only one way to start — head over to South Beach State Park!