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Respecting nature and all its inhabitants

Newport is known for the natural beauty surrounding it. From the forests on the west side to the beaches on the east, Mother Nature is a cross-town resident of our beautiful city.

To keep things beautiful and lively, residents and visitors, alike, are asked to respect the natural environment — and all the creatures living in it. Here’s a quick guide to some basic ways we can all do our part.

If it’s alive, leave it be. There are lots of curiosities to be found in the sand, from sea glass and agates to driftwood and sand dollars. But if you spot a living creature on the beach, give it some space. Crabs and birds are common sights here, and they should be left alone. Even stranded animals, such as jellyfish and whales, or seals tangled in netting should not be approached. If you see an animal in need of help, call the Oregon State Police reporting line for help: 1-800-452-7888.

Pack it in, pack it out. We’ve all heard the saying, but you can still find trash on almost any beach in the world. If you’re in a helping mood when collecting your own trash after a meal or activity, take a quick walk on the sand and keep an eye out for additional trash you can pick up. Together, we can all help keep our beaches clean and beautiful.

Check on conditions before you go. Respecting nature helps protect wildlife, but it can also help protect you. We all like to make plans, but when the surf is too high, sometimes those plans need to wait. Having a healthy respect for the ocean and its ability to take lives is important for sailors, surfers, and other ocean lovers. Another tip the locals know all too well: never turn your back on the waves. Sneaker waves and logs washing it can cause injury and death, so keep an eye on the tide when you’re on — or even near — the wet sand.