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Yaquina Bay Bridge

Perhaps Newport’s most iconic landmark is the gorgeous Yaquina Bay Bridge. More than just a way to cross the bay, the bridge is an ambassador for the city and a magnificent piece of art-deco architecture.


Lighthouse lovers rejoice: Newport is lucky enough to have two picturesque lighthouses, Yaquina Head and Yaquina Bay, which were historically used to guide and warn ships at sea. These historic treasures are now landmarks and tourist destinations as well as icons of our beautiful city. Make sure to visit both while you’re here.

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Dungeness Crab

With record numbers of commercial crabbing tonnage coming in, and some of the most opportunities for public crabbing on the entire Oregon coast, Newport is officially the “Dungeness Crab Capital of the World.”


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All of Rogue’s brews and spirits are produced in South Beach at the brewery and distillery at the foot of the Yaquina Bay Bridge. Attached to the brewery is Brewer’s on the Bay, a restaurant and bar that offers a panoramic view of Yaquina Bay and 40 taps.


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Oregon Coast Aquarium

This world-class marine attraction overlooks scenic Yaquina Bay just south of the Yaquina Bay Bridge. The Aquarium strives to be a center of excellence for ocean literacy and plays an active role in conservation, education and animal rehabilitation efforts.



You gotta have Mo’s. No trip to the coast is complete without a steaming bowl or two of their world-famous clam chowder. But there’s much more to the Mo’s story than chowder. Mo’s is part of the fabric of the Newport community and an amazing family-owned business success story.

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Newport Facts

Population: 10,400

County: Lincoln County

Elevation: 150 feet above the sea

Time Zone: Newport is located in Pacific Standard Time Zone

Miles to Portland: 130 miles to Portland International Airport

Most Visited Attraction: The Oregon Coast Aquarium

Major Industry: Tourism, fishing and wood products

Approximate number of restaurants: More than 80—ranging from four-star dining to small, cozy cafes

Approximate number of accommodations: More than 1,500 rooms. Newport's lodging includes luxurious resorts, a wide variety of hotels and motels, quaint bed & breakfasts, hostels, YURTS (Year-round Universal Recreational Tents), RV parks and camping.

Weather & Climate

Don't ask us to explain it in meteorological terms, but when it comes to weather here, the one constant is change. Over the course of any given day, we may have sun, and totally clear skies, followed by rain and wind. Or a foggy morning may give way to an unseasonably warm, sunny afternoon. So before you cancel a trip to Newport based on a generalized forecast of inclement weather, know that by the time you get here, things will probably have changed—and you could be basking in sun and blue skies.

What kind of seasonal weather can you generally expect in Newport?

Winter: Occasional big waves and big weather, but a surprising number of crisp, crystal-clear days perfect for long beach walks.

Spring: Brisk days with sun and clouds playing hide and seek.

Summer: Dry, sunny days and mild nights.

Fall: Lovely Indian Summer temperatures, gentle breezes.