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Stay safe on the surf!

Newport has beautiful beaches with stunning waves — South Beach is a great place to hop on a board and hit the water — but the ocean is a powerful force that demands respect.

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Take a drive over the Yaquina Bay Bridge!

Pass the South Beach Fish Market and then make a left hand turn up to the Wilder neighborhood. Along with the Disc Golf Course, the trails over at Wilder are open for your walking, running or hiking pleasure.

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Lighthouse gets a fresh look

Workers are applying a new mineral coating to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse, as the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area reopens to vehicular traffic for the first time since March.

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Let’s take a hike at Mike Miller!

While the coast is known for its sandy beaches and salty ocean air, just across Highway 101 lies a coastal forest just waiting to be explored.

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Fishing or Hiking- Big Creek Reservoir

Grab your fishing pole and head out to the deep blue sea or head out to this well-stocked pond!

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Time to get wild!

Get yourself peddling on over to Wilder Ranch for some Mountain Biking.

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