Winter Storm Alert!

Watch nature’s fury unleashed as winter storms explode over the Pacific Ocean and make landfall in Newport

Winter visitors to the Central Oregon Coast are often amazed by the spectacular storms that build and erupt over the ocean and crash onto the beach and shoreline! These wild acts of nature often occur between October and March, when dark squalls crash inland and release tremendous gusts of wind, rain, thunder and even lightning. Plan a storm watching trip to Newport where you’ll be able to experience these fantastic events up close or from a comfortable distance away.

You’ll observe the monstrous white-capped tides swell, crest and then roll inland. Framed against a backdrop of ominous black clouds that darken the sky, these pounding breakers gather strength as they steadily surge ashore. Hear the roar of the waves crashing onto the beach and against the rocks, as the thunder cracks between sea and sky and the sideways rain pounds the surf and sand. Stay alert, and you may even see flashes of lightning illuminating the sky, crashing from cloud to cloud or zapping the ocean with tremendous force.

The most exhilarating place to watch winter storms safely is just above the beach, where the wind, waves and rain enhance your experience. The US Coast Guard advises against watching storms from the beach itself because rough waves move inland quickly and without notice, and can be extremely dangerous. If you choose to observe these incredible storms above one of our many local beaches, be sure to bring rain gear and be aware of your surroundings. Always stay a safe distance away from the beach, and check with NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) for local weather conditions, potential advisories and alerts, and establish a safe route inland away from your location.

There are many outdoor vantage points that are safely above the beach and offer all of the excitement that being surrounded by the elements provides. The rock wall of the Nye Beach parking lot is one of those places; it is insulated from the incoming tide, but also exposed to the wind, rain and thunder that accompanies a storm. Another great viewpoint is the turnout on Old Highway 101, just above Agate Beach State Park. Or choose from a variety of other inland positions and overlooks around Newport that also provide excellent storm-watching opportunities.

You may want to watch the action unfold from one of the many beachfront restaurants that offer panoramic outlooks onto the raging coastline. Enjoy the spectacular show during an amazing seafood meal, or over drinks and snacks. You can also enjoy storms from the warmth and comfort of your own hotel room, preferably snuggled up in a fluffy chair in front of the window.

You’ll fall asleep to the sound of the driving rain, and wake in the morning to the pounding surf and crashing waves.

Plan your winter storm watching trip to Newport today! No matter where you choose to watch rough winter coastal weather build and rage inland, the unforgettable experience is guaranteed to thrill and amaze!

Newport looks forward to welcoming you! Click here for more info on visiting Newport.