Let’s Go on a Field Trip!

Spring is a great time for a field trip to Newport

When you think of field trips, do you remember getting out of school for the day to study something outside of the classroom? Well, you don’t have to be in school to take a field trip! Why not combine a coastal vacation with a field trip for the whole family? Come discover some of the field trips that Newport has to offer for kids of all ages.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

The recently constructed OMSI Coastal Discovery Center at Camp Gray in Newport gives OMSI coastal programs a permanent home. Located near South Beach State Park, Camp Gray provides kids access to beach, dune, tide pool, and coastal forest environments. OMSI offers a variety of amazing science-based activities and events, and also opportunities for all-day or overnight camps focused on coastal habitats, marine-inspired art, documentary filmmaking, and marine field studies. 3400 SW Abalone St. South Beach, (503) 797-4000

Hatfield Marine Science Center

Since 1965, the Visitor Center at the Hatfield Marine Science Center has introduced thousands of curious visitors to diverse sea life, marine research, and coastal environments. Managed by university students and government scientists, the Visitor Center’s fascinating exhibits explain science and research in an easy to understand, and often hands-on approach. The whole family will love to interact with the tide pool touch tanks, tsunami wave tank, and erosion tank. You’ll also enjoy the fish tanks, informational videos, lectures, seminars and other activities that take place at the Center. 2030 SE Marine Science Dr., South Beach, (541) 867-0100

Surf School

Surfing is a big deal in Newport. What better way to learn to catch a wave than to go to Surf School, one or three-day surfing lessons offered through Ossie’s Surf Shop in Agate Beach? Ossie’s offers Surf School throughout the spring for ages 9 to adult (family Surf School would be a blast!), taught by experienced, friendly, and certified instructors. “Tuition” also includes a rental of all the necessary gear. 4860 Oregon Coast Hwy, Uptown, (541) 574-4634

Oregon Coast Aquarium

For 25 years, the Oregon Coast Aquarium has been the premier regional destination for exploring the mysteries of the ocean and the unique wildlife that call it home. You’ll love the dozens of displays of sea life and 15 themed exhibits, like the new installation called Big Bites that showcases creatures with feeding adaptations. The Animal Encounters & Tours are also fun for older members of the family; Get up close and personal with Seal and Sea Lion Kisses, learn the ins and outs of caring for the marine animals at the aquarium with a Behind the Scenes Tour, and swim with the fish and sharks when you Dive the Aquarium! 2820 SE Ferry Slip Rd., South Beach, (541) 867-3474

Art Fridays

For the artsy and crafty kids, check out Art Fridays for middle school students (ages 10-14) at Newport’s Visual Arts Center (VAC). During this series of Art Fridays, students will tour the world, and learn about art practices and traditions from Mongolia to Japan, Mexico to Africa, and many more regions. Classes are held from 3:45 - 5:45, and run every Friday until the third week in March. 777 NW Beach Dr., Nye Beach, (541) 265-6540  

Marine Discovery Tours

Climb aboard the deluxe, 65 foot Discovery for a fun and exciting two-hour Sea Life Cruise! Led by a team of enthusiastic naturalist guides, the tour will take you around the bay and into the ocean (if the conditions are safe enough to leave the bay). You’ll search for gray whales, harbor porpoises, seals, sea lions, pelicans, bald eagles and many other diverse kinds of sea life, and experience all of the fantastic scenery that the bay and coastline have to offer. 345 SW Bay Blvd., Historic Bayfront, (541) 265-6200