Can You Escape the Room?

Use Your Puzzle-Solving Skills to Unlock the Secrets of Newport’s Escape Room!

Gather your friends and family for an adventure unlike any other you’ve ever experienced! Escape Rooms Newport will immerse you in a live interactive game, where the object is to solve a series of puzzles that will lead to your freedom. You must work together as a team to decipher codes, clues and hints in less than 60 minutes to find the solution.

Choose between the themed Pirate’s Gold or The Hangin’ Sheriff rooms as the setting for your adventure. The rooms are expertly decorated, and full of both obvious and hidden clues that will allow you to progress to the next level. In addition, you will be granted a number of hints to help if you are unable to solve a puzzle or find a clue. The sheriff’s jail is designed for 2-8 participants, and is moderately difficult to solve, while the pirate ship can host 2-10 participants and is considered more challenging to complete.

The escape rooms provide a great experience anytime, but are perfect during the winter months when stormy weather may change your plans at the beach. Escape Rooms Newport is located in Aquarium Village, and open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday (they are closed on Wednesday except by special appointment).They are open from 1 pm until 8 pm and the last adventure of the day begins at 7:30 pm, although they will try to accommodate other times whenever possible. Escape Rooms Newport also offers special rates and times for large groups, parties or corporate events.

Reserve a room in advance by visiting their website at or by calling (541) 867-2988.

Newport looks forward to welcoming you! Click here for more info on visiting Newport.