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Road Trip!

Take the family on a spring break road trip, ending in Newport

Coming to Newport with the family for spring break? Here are some road trip itineraries to ensure that the journey is as much fun as the destination. Take your time getting here, wherever you’re coming from – we’ll be ready for your arrival with a hot bowl of chowder, gorgeous beaches, and lots of fun things to do.

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A Blueprint for Fun

Overwhelmed with choices for Newport activities? Let us help you design the perfect itinerary

There are a lot of ways to fill your days and nights in Newport. Here are some suggested one-day itineraries to kick off the best spring break ever. The astute reader will note that all of these itineraries end the same way, because some Newport activities are simply universal.

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Stay the night

We’ve got the room for you

You have a huge range of lodging options in Newport, from campsites to intimate B&Bs to luxury hotel rooms along the ocean. Below are just a couple unique hotels with beautiful ocean views that you might enjoy. There are many more of course, so you might want to spend a full week in Newport and try more than one during your stay.

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Beachcombing Bonanza!

Treasures abound on Newport’s beaches. Here’s what you need to know about finding some of the best coastal souvenirs.

Although seashells are not our strong suit (heavy wave action breaks them up before they reach the shore), Newport’s beaches are treasure troves of amazing beach finds. Here are a few to look for.


No, you won’t find a T. Rex skull or the femur of a triceratops here, but there are other fossils galore on our beaches, most about 15 to 20 million years old. Fossils often get eroded out of cliff faces, especially in winter, and often lie scattered on the beach (do not excavate them from cliff faces – it’s against state law!). Locally, the most popular spot is Beverly Beach. Look in the lighter-colored mudstone for fossils, which can occur in great conglomerations or singly. Most common are bivalves – clams and scallops – and snails. Occasional exciting finds include mammal bones such as dolphin vertebrae and skulls.


Agates are translucent semi-precious stones that come in a wide range of colors. Formed by ancient volcanic processes, they can be found on many Oregon beaches, but are most common in places where streams empty out onto the beach. Winter storms expose buried rock beds, so outgoing tides on winter days are great times for rock-hounding. Look for glints of color among the grey and brown rocks – red carnelian agates are among the most common types. Hold agate candidates up to the sun – if light shines through, you’ve found an actual agate. Beverly Beach, Moolack Beach, and Agate Beach are favorite agate-hunting spots.

Glass floats

Early 20th-century Japanese fishermen used hollow glass floats, rather than plastic ones, to buoy their nets (some still use glass). Sometimes these floats would rip free and bob along, pushed toward our shores by waves and currents. Very lucky beach combers find these prized treasures mostly in winter when storms push them onshore; glass floats could come ashore on any of Newport’s beaches. They are usually green or blue, but there are purple, red, yellow, and even black ones as well. They range in size from baseball to beach ball (rare indeed!), and even more rare and exciting are the rolling-pin shaped ones. All beaches are good places to look for glass floats so keep your eyes peeled!

What’s on Tap Tonight?

How about a Newport pub crawl?

Whether you want a great place to gather for a few beers with friends, or a romantic spot where you can quietly sip specialty cocktails with your sweetie, or a hopping bar where you can mix pool, darts, or karaoke with your drinks, we’ve got the place for you in Newport. But why choose your poison when you can have it all? Get the gang together and embark on a Newport pub crawl. Here’s a suggested north-to-south route. Be sure to have a designated driver when you start, or call upon the services of Yaquina Cab ((541) 265-9552).

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Lights! Camera! Action!

Hollywood can’t resist photogenic Newport.

Many movies have been shot in Newport. If you want to follow in the footsteps of the stars, take a Newport movie tour. Any of these movies and a big bowl of popcorn would make a great rainy-day activity, too!

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Java Joy

Get your caffeine fix at one of Newport’s invigorating coffee stops.

Rainy winter days call for coffee, and lots of it. In Newport we love great coffee, and it’s not hard to find. Here are a few spots in town where you can get your caffeine fix. Maybe don’t try them all on the same day.

Panini Bakery: This Nye Beach bakery has not only the best latte around, but also the best pastries. Stop in for a cinnamon roll or scone in the morning, Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich for lunch, and a slice of their awesome thin-crust pizza for dinner. Coffee goes really well with all of these meals, right? 232 NW Coast St., Nye Beach

Carl’s Coffee: Also in Nye Beach, this shop makes great specialty espresso drinks, serves pastries from La Maison (see below), and is a great lunch spot to boot. Bonus: it’s right near the Nye Beach beach access, so you can get your drink to go and walk the beach. 715 NW Beach Dr., Nye Beach

Nye Beach Sweets: Featuring local coffee roaster, Pirate Coffee Company, here you can enjoy your favorite espresso drink or try a specialty creation like the Nervous Cow (ice cream topped with an espresso shot!) Nye Beach Sweets offers a wide variety of house-made fudge and baked goods along with a large selection of decadent chocolates, candies, jams, syrups, salt water taffy and more. 314 NW Coast St., Nye Beach

The Coffee House: The name says it all. Actually, it doesn’t: this wonderful Bayfront spot serves an incredible breakfast (pancakes that literally hang over the edge of the plate and life-changing biscuits and gravy) and terrific lunches as well. Drip coffee is made carefully, one cup at a time. 156 SW Bay Blvd., Bayfront

La Maison: La Maison, in an adorable little house in the downtown Deco District, serves French cafe-inspired foods. Their flaky pastries and cakes are to die for, and the huge lattes are just what you need to get you going at breakfast or lunch. 315 SW 9th St., Downtown Deco District

Surf Town Coffee Company: This shop adjacent to the Marine Discovery Tours office on the Bayfront roasts their own coffee, with roasts ranging from Shortboard Light to Longboard Dark. All of their delicious coffees are organic, fair trade, and roasted with love. Like the coffee? You can order it online. 345 SW Bay Blvd., Bayfront

Bayscapes Gallery & Coffee Shop: The glassed-in back room of this gem of a gallery and coffee shop has a great view of the Bayfront’s sea lion docks and the rest of the bay’s hustle and bustle. The folks at Bayscapes make wonderful coffee drinks as well – it’s a perfect place to take a break. 333 SW Bay Blvd., Bayfront

Dutch Bros.: Sure, there are 250 of them throughout the western U.S. now, but did you know that Dutch Bros. was founded in Oregon? If you’re not in the mood for coffee (what?), you can get a smoothie, hot chocolate, or infused tea or Blue Rebel energy drink at the convenient and ever-friendly drive-through. 822 SW Coast Highway