Viva el taco!

Newport is home to some of the very best tacos

Who doesn’t love a good taco? We’re not sure, but here in Newport, we’re lucky to have many options for a variety of great tacos! Although tacos originated in Mexico, they have become one of America’s most favorite foods; they even have their own unofficial day: Taco Tuesday.

Tacos are usually available in soft or hard corn or flour tortillas or shells, or you can often order a variation without the tortilla or shell as a taco salad. A variety of fillings and hot sauces can be added to your choice of meat, and because Newport harvests the very freshest seafood daily,

our fish tacos are amazing! Check out these local spots to find the perfect taco.

La Roca

Spanish for “The Rock,” La Roca has firmly established itself as one of Newport’s favorite Mexican Restaurants. La Roca offers a variety of tacos, featuring beef, chicken, pork, sausage, tilapia, and shrimp. Try their “Super Taco,” which is almost like a burrito, and loaded with rice, beans, guacamole, and sour cream. 352 SW 9th St., Downtown Deco District


Overlooking the Yaquina Bay in Newport’s Historic Bayfront, Clearwater Restaurant provides top-notch Coastal Cuisine from award winning chefs. Their delicious fish tacos are served with either sautéed or crispy halibut or rock cod, and topped with cabbage slaw, pico de gallo, guacamole cilantro cream, and pumpkin seed sauce. You’ll get three tacos per order, and they come wrapped in a soft corn tortilla. 325 SW Bay Blvd., Historic Bayfront


Another local favorite, Mazatlan Restaurant boasts a large lunch and dinner menu, complete with a variety of tacos and taco combinations. Their beef and chicken tacos are topped with lettuce and pico de gallo, and may be ordered individually, or with a variety of other entrees. They also feature steak and fish tacos, and taco salad either served in a deep-fried bowl-shaped flour tortilla, or without the shell. 404 SW Coast Hwy, Downtown Deco District

Deep End Cafe

Located in the heart of Nye Beach, The Deep End Café specializes in fresh seafood and has some fantastic fish tacos on the menu. Choose either ancho chili marinated albacore tuna, or breaded or pan fried rockfish tacos. The two tacos per order are prepared with cabbage and radish slaw, house made jalapeno cilantro lime, and aioli pico de gallo on warm corn tortillas. 740 W Olive St, Nye Beach

Georgie’s Beachside Grill

Complete with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean, Georgie’s Beachside Grill offers great seafood options, especially their fish tacos. You can order one or two tacos featuring panko breaded halibut or blackened wild salmon that come in soft corn tortillas tossed with green and red cabbage and salsa verde. The tacos are then topped with mango salsa and served with a side of chipotle ranch. 744 SW Elizabeth St., Nye Beach

Super Oscar’s

If you’re looking for a quick taco or two, but still want quality, Super Oscar’s Mexican Food it the place to go. Super Oscar’s has more than ten traditional taco options on the menu, with beef, carne asada,  carnitas, adovada, chicken, and shrimp to name a few. Their tacos are sold individually, but you may order two or three, and compliment them with many available side dishes. 1226 N Coast Hwy, Downtown

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