Travel Safely to the Coast!

Summer is the perfect time for a visit to Newport

Visitors travel to the Oregon Coast in record numbers every year when the weather starts to heat up and the kids are out of school for summer vacation, and for good reason! Newport has so many great things to offer summer visitors, from hiking, biking, surfing and kayaking, to strolling the Historic Bayfront, Nye Beach and Aquarium Village, or just hanging out on the beach; you’ll find ideal activities to make your stay fun and memorable. Although some people choose to fly into Newport Municipal Airport, and others sail into Yaquina Bay, most travelers drive to the beach along the coast on Hwy 101, or over the Coastal Range from the Willamette Valley on Hwy 20.

As with most coastal highways, Hwy 101 has many twists and turns, and summer traffic often keeps drivers going well under the posted speed limit. In addition, Hwy 101 affords amazing views of the Pacific Ocean for much of the drive, and visitors usually drive more slowly to take in the panoramic sights. We recommend that you allow for the trip to take longer than you think it might; relax, enjoy the beautiful surroundings, and match the flow of traffic.

Hwy 20 runs straight west from Corvallis and is not quite as curvy as Hwy 101, but there are still some sharp corners that you should keep in mind. Part of this Highway was recently reconstructed, and is much better than it was just over a year ago, but you should still plan for the drive to take longer in the summer months than your digital navigation system says it will. Traffic tends to back-up as you get closer to the coast, so again, just take your time and enjoy the drive.

No matter which highway you take, road construction can also cause delays in the summertime. Pack some snacks and put a few drinks in the cooler to refresh yourself if you become stuck in traffic or stopped for road construction. Bring your favorite music, and crank on the air conditioner or roll down the window to cool off. Before you leave home, visit Oregon Department of Transportation’s Trip Check to see how the flow of traffic is, and where there might be congestion or road construction. Regardless of which route you take to Newport, you’re sure to find that your time at the beach is well worth the drive!

Newport looks forward to welcoming you! Click here for more info on visiting Newport.