Springtime at the aquarium

New exhibits, home for otters and chances to sleep underwater

As the weather warms up, the Oregon Coast Aquarium is gearing up for the summer — but lots of exciting happenings are kicking off this spring.

Last weekend marked the first of two weekends when the aquarium is hosting public Sleep in the Deep events, giving spring breakers a chance to sleep in the Passages of the Deep tunnels, as well as explore the aquarium after hours. Public sleepovers are becoming more frequent as we get closer to summer, so the best time to register is now. However, private sleepovers can be scheduled any time of year — with a minimum group size of 20 people. To book for either type of event, call 541-867-3474 ext. 1113 or email sleepinthedeep@aquarium.org.

Looking ahead, Memorial Day weekend will mark two major openings at the aquarium: the new exhibit and the new sea otter facility. While the exhibit is currently blocked off while it’s being set up and the theme is a well-kept secret, the sea otter facility has had public participation from the start.

Thanks to a surge of support from donors in November — in the amount of over $67,000 — Oregon Coast Aquarium was able to fully fund the construction of their new sea otter rehabilitation facility. The new center will allow the aquarium to take in additional rescued otters and host new behind-the-scenes experiences for visitors. Construction has been underway for almost a month now and a ribbon cutting is currently scheduled for Memorial Day weekend.

Whether you’re visiting for the first time or returning for the hundredth time, the aquarium is sure to have something new for visitors coming to see the animals this spring.