Seafood in Newport? Why of Course

Even before the foodie movement became a popular thing, no trip to the coast was ever complete without tasting the fare caught fresh from the sea.

Even before the foodie movement became a popular thing, no trip to the coast was ever complete without tasting the fare caught fresh from the sea. Nowadays, same as long ago, Newport is all about buckets of clams dug from the sand, rockfish netted from the reef and sizzled on the grill, delicate black cod cooked to perfection, and crab boiled out in the open air so the smell can waft on down street.

Follow your nose. There are lots of choices.

Or — here are a few places you can go for local seafood prepared by an expert — or raw fish, crab and shrimp that you can take home as ingredients for your own seafood feast.

Local Ocean Seafoods, located on the bayfront, features a wide array of offerings straight off the Newport boats. Crab is the big thing in the winter months, with the commercial season in full swing. The restaurant and fish market labels its products with the name of the boat which caught it, so you know the source.

Ocean Blu Seafoods at Gino’s is also located on the bayfront; look for the building hung with flotsam and jetsam from the ocean. The building is loaded with decor of the sea and features a dog-friendly patio, and lunch and dinner menus emphasis fresh, local catches with crab cakes, seafood stew, oyster and shrimp dishes and more.

Asiatico Waterfront Fusion Sushi is tucked away on the Newport waterfront with great views of the bay. A family-driven business, Asiatico specializes in innovative Asian fusion cuisine and sushi — just like the name implies— with a laid-back atmosphere and seasonal menu aimed at highlighting local species and preparation that lays bare the unique flavors rather than hiding them under flavor sauce.

Clearwater Restaurant, also on the bayfront, sources its seafood and other ingredients locally and has an impressive lineup of reader’s choice and Newport Seafood and Wine Festival People’s Choice awards, along with a USA Today 10 Best award of 3rd place for Oregon’s Best Dungeness Crab Restaurant.

South Beach Fish Market buys fresh off the boats. Situated in a colorful building south of the Newport bridge, the market dishes up chowder, fish & chips, crab, seafood sandwiches, smoked seafood and a lot more. The market section offers a wide array of locally caught fare, and its website features recipes for seafood ranging from salmon to sole, scallops and beyond.

Mo’s Seafood & Chowder has been around the coast for a long time, and people keep coming back to its two locations in Newport, Original Mo’s on the bayfront and Mo’s Annex across the street right on the harbor. It’s a 70-some year old business that is still family-owned and operated, famous for reasonably-priced seafood ranging from crab to oysters, shrimp to calamari.

Chelsea Rose Seafoods sells right off of Port Dock Three. Look for the antique wooden boat where live crab is being sold from the deck. Port docks 5 and 7 can also feature boats putting up their signs to offer seasonal catches right from their moorings.

It’s worth a stroll and a look around. The docks are open to public, and fishermen are usually happy to talk.

Newport looks forward to welcoming you! Click here for more info on visiting Newport.