Park It Here

Your guide for parking in Newport

On a busy summer weekend, or during a big event like the Seafood & Wine Festival, it may seem like parking is at a premium in Newport. But otherwise, there are plenty of places for you to park, and walking or biking around town is not as daunting as it may seem – it’s a pretty small town despite our large array of offerings! Here are the best spots to park in each neighborhood.

Agate Beach

If you’re heading to Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, park at the visitor center, check out the interpretive materials there, and then arrange for a ranger-led tour of the Lighthouse. If you would like a bit more of a hike, there is often parking available just off the Coast Hwy. on NW Lighthouse Dr. You’ll walk about a mile up NW Lighthouse Dr. into the Outstanding Natural Area.

Accessing Agate Beach itself is easy – there are multiple access points, all with a good amount of parking. To get to the beach, park at the Agate Beach State Recreation Site on NW Oceanview, either in the small beachside lot or the very large lot across the street. You can also park in the Ernest Bloch Wayside near Roby’s Furniture on Hwy 101, and get to the beach either via the Lucky Gap Trail at the south end of the parking lot or via the new staircase down the road to the north. Parking for that staircase access can also be found along the newly-connected NW Gilbert Way and there are a few spots in a small lot on the corner of NW Lighthouse Dr.

Nye Beach

There is both on-street and lot parking in the Nye Beach neighborhood. The main lot for this neighborhood is at the Nye Beach Turnaround under the concrete arch, but the side streets to the east of Coast St. are lined with spots as well. Another small lot is located adjacent to Don Davis Park overlooking the ocean where Elizabeth St. and Olive St. merge. If parking is really difficult in Nye Beach, there is a large lot located on Coast St, between Olive St. and 2nd St. that serves Coast Park and the Newport Performing Art’s Center


The Bayfront often seems so crowded that it’s impossible to find a parking space, but it’s not hard if you can walk just a little distance. There is parking along Bay Blvd. and along many of the side streets that feed into the Bayfront neighborhood. In addition, there is a small public lot next to the Rogue Public House, a few spots at the very west end of the street near the Coast Guard Station, and head-in parallel spots lining SE Bay Blvd. near the fishing docks. Do not park in the lot marked specifically for fishermen! One other lot is found uphill from the Bayfront on Canyon Way, adjacent to Canyon Way Bookstore and Restaurant.

One lesser-known lot that provides easy access to the Bayfront, Deco District, and Nye Beach is found further up Canyon Way where it becomes SW Hurbert St. at SW 9th St. From here it’s just a few blocks to the Bayfront in one direction and Nye Beach in the other, and you’re right the middle of the Deco District near the municipal swimming pool and recreation center, La Maison Restaurant, the summer farmer’s market, and many other local attractions.

Deco District

The Hurbert St./9th St. lot mentioned above is one easy place to park in the Deco District, and there is a new lot at Angle St. and SW 9th St.

South Beach

Parking is rarely a problem in South Beach, unless you are trying to park near the Rogue Brewery during a halibut opener. Otherwise, parking is ample for each individual South Beach attraction: the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Hatfield Marine Science Center, South Beach State Park, the South Beach Marina, Aquarium Village, and the Rogue Brewery all have their own parking.

Of course, walking, biking, and using the city bus are also great options for getting around Newport. The bus schedule can be found at

Newport looks forward to welcoming you! Click here for more info on visiting Newport.