Newport is all about water sports

Everything here revolves around water. Come find your depth in Newport.

It’s time to Hang 10.

The winter ocean can be a tangled behemoth of waves, but the summer surf provides the mellow breaks perfect for learning — plus much of the ocean bottom is sandy, taking away the danger of making an unpleasant connection with a reef. Ossies Surf Shop at

4860 Oregon Coast Highway is right across from a sheltered break on the south side of Yaquina Head popular with groms and veteran surfers alike. The shop can provide you with all the gear and inside knowledge you need and lessons to boot. Grab your wetsuit and make a playdate with the waves, even if that Hang 10 maneuver still eludes you.

Stand up paddling has skyrocketed in popularity as people have caught onto its benefits for core muscles and the plain fun of it. The Yaquina Bay and river are a great place to stand-up paddle and Ossies has the gear if you don’t have your own.

Kayaking is never out of fashion. Head out for some surf or ocean kayaking through the Yaquina Bay bar, just make sure you have a deep understanding of the risks and elements involved any time you go into the ocean. Or serenely paddle the wide and scenic estuary for a more contemplative experience of water, sky and birds. Newport also makes a great staging point for adventures just 10 minutes south at the Beaver Creek Outstanding Natural Area, where kayaks and canoes can be paddled through a wetland so teeming with wildlife that it has always been apparent the area should be cherished and protected.

It’s also getting to the time of year where kiteboarders start to show up, their colorful kites towing their riders across the ocean just south of the South Jetty in Newport. This hybrid of wakeboarding, surfing, windsurfing and paragliding is undertaken by only a daring and skilled few but the spectacle of these aquatic athletes catching 40 to 50 feet of air is open to anyone standing on the beach.

Sailing is popular on Yaquina Bay and in the adjacent ocean as well, with regattas dotting the surface with their white sails. An easily accessible paved launch ramp and parking area is available at the South Beach Marina. Put in your motorboat as well for easy access to the Pacific for deep sea fishing, or just a cruise up the river.