Let’s Go Kayaking!

Newport has some great places to get out into the water

Have you noticed all of the kayaks in Newport’s waterways and just off the coast, and thought, that looks like fun? You’re not alone! Both locals and visitors alike can often be found paddling around the many aquatic bodies of water that our area has to offer. Whether you’re an experienced kayaker, new to the sport, or interested in getting started, we have some perfect locations and suggestions that cater to every skill level.

The Inuit and Aleut tribes of Arctic North America have been using kayaks for centuries, and the word kayak literally translates to “hunter’s boat.” Kayaking has been a popular sport in Europe for over 200 years, and was first introduced as an Olympic event in 1936. With the advent of fiberglass kayaks in the 1950’s, and then polyethylene plastic in the 1980’s, the sport has continued to gather momentum in the United States.

In Newport, we have a wide range of salt and fresh waterways that are excellent for all skill levels. Olalla Lake is ideal for beginners, and is only seven miles away in Toledo. Olalla is often a bit warmer than the coast, and has much less wind. The small lake is calm, beautiful, full of wildlife, and is great for swimming, hiking, fishing, and picnicking too. Another great place for inexperienced kayakers is Beaver Creek, Just five miles south of Newport in Brian Booth State Park. Beaver Creek is slow moving, and winds through coastal wetlands teeming with wildlife.

For intermediate kayakers, the Siletz River is just north of Newport and offers a more challenging experience. Depending on the river level, you can explore about six miles of the winding curves and mild rapids on the Siletz. The Yaquina Bay is also a popular spot for intermediate kayakers, and for good reason. The Bay offers plenty of great sightseeing from the water, where you’ll be able to cruise by the docked boats and Historic Bayfront. You can also enter the Yaquina River from the Bay, and paddle for many miles viewing fantastic scenery and abundant wildlife.

In addition to the above mentioned spots, skilled kayakers are able to take advantage of the miles of coastline that run north and south from Newport. Sea kayaking is an amazing way to interact with the ocean; you can ride the waves and get a unique glimpse of the shoreline. If you have never been sea kayaking, we recommend that you take some lessons before going out on your own.

Kayaking lessons and rentals are readily available through Ossie’s Surf Shop and the Oregon Boating Foundation. You can also take a variety of daily kayak tours that are offered daily from Ossie’s, and are guided according to your skill level. Give kayaking in Newport a try! With so many opportunities to get out into the water, you’re sure to find the perfect trip just for you, or to share with family and friends.

Newport looks forward to welcoming you! Click here for more info on visiting Newport.