Get into the Water!

Collect your own clams, and have a great time doing it!

Summer on the coast is one of the best times of the year to enjoy watersports, and because Newport is surrounded by water, you have many opportunities to surf, kayak and paddleboard. Whether you choose to go into the ocean, rivers or lakes, we have the perfect spot for every watersport and skill level. If you’re new to the sport or interested in getting started, lessons and rental gear are locally available.


Surfers have long known that the Central Oregon Coast offers some of the best waves available anywhere. We have miles of uncrowded beaches, excellent breaks and clean waters that are perfect for surfers of all skill levels. Great surfing can be had on many of the beaches from Newport all the way to Lincoln City, but some of the best local beaches include South Beach, Agate Beach, and Otter Rock.

If you’re new to surfing, lessons are readily available and inexpensive, and will teach you the basics of the sport. As a beginning surfer, you’ll probably start out with rental gear, which will help you determine what kind of board and wetsuit is best for you without the initial expense. In addition to equipment rentals and surfing lessons, local surf shops provide concise reports on daily surf conditions. Here are a few shops to visit for all of your surfing needs:

Ossies Surf Shop                                                                                                                                    

4860 NE Hwy.101                                                                                                                                     

(541) 574-4634

Ocean Pulse                                                                                                                                

428 SW Hwy.101                                                                                                                                          

(541) 265-7745   

Pura Vida Surf Shop                             

845 1st St. Otter Rock                                                                                   

(541) 929-7873

Kayaking and Paddleboarding                                                                                                                    

Newport offers a wide range of salt and fresh waterways that are excellent for all skill levels of kayaking and paddleboarding. Olalla Lake is ideal for beginners; it’s calm, has less wind, and is only seven miles away in Toledo. Another great place for inexperienced kayakers and paddleboarders is Beaver Creek, just five miles south of Newport in Brian Booth State Park. Beaver Creek is slow moving, and winds through coastal wetlands teeming with wildlife.

For intermediate kayakers and paddleboarders, the Siletz River is just north of Newport and offers a more challenging experience. Depending on the river level, you can explore about six miles of the winding curves and mild rapids on the Siletz. The Yaquina Bay is also a popular spot, and offers plenty of great sightseeing from the water, where you’ll be able to cruise by the docked boats and the Historic Bayfront. You can also enter the Yaquina River from the Bay, and paddle for many miles viewing fantastic scenery and abundant wildlife.

In addition to the above mentioned spots, skilled kayakers are able to take advantage of the miles of coastline that run north and south from Newport. Sea kayaking is an amazing way to interact with the ocean; you can ride the waves and get a unique glimpse of the shoreline. If you have never been sea kayaking, we recommend that you take some lessons before going out on your own.

Kayak lessons and kayak and paddleboard rentals are available through Ossie’s Surf Shop and the Oregon Boating Foundation. You can also take a variety of daily kayak tours that are offered daily from Ossie’s, and are guided according to your skill level.

Newport looks forward to welcoming you! Click here for more info on visiting Newport.