Bike the Beach in Newport

One of the new hot activities is beach bicycling

There’s always a wave to catch in Newport. One of the new hot activities is beach bicycling.

People tried it on and off for years with regular bikes, and their skinny tires would bog down in the sand. Then someone slapped big fat tires on their bike, and the rest is history.  

Miles of sand are available for cruising. Really all you need to do is get your fat bike and pick a beach. Like stand-up paddling, this activity is really catching on. Remember, it has roots in history — the entire coastline was made public and your access was assured decades ago when the beaches of Oregon were designated under the state highway system. You may just feel the ghost of the old stagecoaches whip past just as they did in the days before Highway 101.

Besides the benefit of the fresh salt air, you can stop and check out the marine life in the tidepools or climb a sand dune. At South Jetty State Park, you can quickly move over to the shelter and shade of the forested South Jetty Trail. At Nye Beach, hop from the sand into downtown and grab lunch.

Need help figuring this all out? Bike Newport offers fat bike rentals and group beach tours as well as a diversity of bikes for purchase. Featuring a wealth of knowledge about bikes and where to go, this is your definitive stop for beach biking. Be a part of the wave.

One great ride from the lighthouse to the lighthouse takes you about three miles one way along the sand from the historic Yaquina Bay Lighthouse to the Yaquina Head Lighthouse. Nye Beach makes a good midpoint to pause. Equipped with a road bicycle instead? A five-mile paved version traverses the Oregon Coast Bike Route through historic Nye Beach and out to Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area. Or bicycle the beautiful route along the Yaquina River from Newport to Toledo, 13.5 miles one way along an estuary teaming with life. Most logging roads are also great for mountain biking, just stay off the ones that are posted and signed as active operation sites.

Whether it’s the beach or forests, the options for getting out and hitting the road, trail or sand are only as limited as your imagination.