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There’s Something Special about South Beach

Some of the best Newport adventures are found south of the bridge

Just over the iconic Yaquina Bay Bridge from the hustle and bustle of the Bayfront and the quirky art scene of Nye Beach is another Newport neighborhood worth exploring: South Beach. You already likely know about a few of the highlights of this neighborhood: the Oregon Coast Aquarium is in South Beach, as are the Hatfield Marine Science Center and the Rogue Brewery. But spend a little more time here and you’ll find lesser-known treasures as well.

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Come on in – The Water’s GREAT!

Newport’s brand-new municipal pool is the perfect place to get wet

While Newport’s beaches are ideal for a great many beachy activities, the water is generally much too cold and rough for a simple swim. You’ll note that even the hardiest surfers don’t brave the waves without a full wetsuit, year-round. If you are craving a swim or a soak, we do have the spot for you: Newport’s brand new municipal pool, which opened in February 2017, located adjacent to the existing Newport Recreation Center.

The new pool is actually three pools: a 25-yard, eight-lane lap pool; a warmer therapy/activity pool that includes a “beach entry” for ease of access for young children and a lazy river feature; and a 12-person spa pool, great therapy for sore muscles.

Open seven days a week, the facility offers recreational swim time, lap swim time, classes, lessons, and practice time for Newport’s two swim teams. The complete schedule is available here.

The pool is attached to the Newport Recreation Center, a 45,000-square-foot facility containing two gyms, a cardio/fitness area, an indoor track, and more – so you have no excuse to skip the workout while you’re visiting Newport!

Day passes allow access to both the Rec Center and the pool. Non-resident drop-in fees range from $2 for infants to $6.25 for adults.

Newport Recreation and Aquatic Center 225 SE Avery St.

Newport looks forward to welcoming you! Click here for more info on visiting Newport.

Stay the night

We’ve got the room for you

You have a huge range of lodging options in Newport, from campsites to intimate B&Bs to luxury hotel rooms along the ocean. Below are just a couple unique hotels with beautiful ocean views that you might enjoy. There are many more of course, so you might want to spend a full week in Newport and try more than one during your stay.


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Newport’s Sea Lion Docks

Have a Close Encounter with the Kings of the Bayfront

As you approach the Bayfront, what on earth is that thunderous barking, howling, and moaning? A haunted house? A dog kennel? Sasquatch himself? No, it’s just the rowdy sea lions that haul out on the Bayfront’s sea lion docks, just behind Clearwater restaurant near the Undersea Gardens. Many consider these loud guys to be the face of Newport.

And what faces they are: furry, toothy, whiskered, doe-eyed, dog-like, expressive. There are dozens of them to be found on the sea lion docks recently renovated just for them, and hundreds throughout the bay. Their rough-housing is fascinating to watch, as they battle for space on the docks, flop on top of each other in giant dog piles, and perform ballet in the nearby waters, as graceful in the water as they are ungainly on the docks.

California sea lions are native to Oregon waters, and have likely always been here in Yaquina Bay. The sea lion docks are overflow parking for the massive mammals; many more lounge on the rock piles of the breakwater in the bay, their primary haul-out site. Like so many other visitors, they’re here for the food: their prey consists of the abundant fish that ply the waters of the bay.

All of the sea lions hauled out here in Newport are males (the ones with the jutting foreheads are the older, more mature guys). The females stay in southern California at their breeding grounds, and the males head down there once a year at breeding season, leaving for four to five weeks in June-July. The rest of the year they stay up north where the food is more abundant, while the females raise the pups in the warmer southern latitudes.

Visitors may see a few individuals with code numbers branded into their fur. These animals have been tagged for study by the Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife and others to learn more about their habits and populations. Unlike their cousins, the Stellar sea lions, these California sea lions are part of a robust population, and not endangered.

To find the sea lions, you need only to follow your ears to Clearwater on Port Dock One at 325 SW Bay Blvd. Make sure to bring your camera, and remember to tuck some change into the donation box for the Sea Lion Docks Foundation – donations fund maintenance of the docks and educational materials about the mammals.

Newport looks forward to welcoming you! Click here for more info on visiting Newport.

Park It Here

The scoop on parking in Newport

On a busy summer weekend, or other busy time like spring break, it may seem like parking is at a premium in Newport. But there are plenty of places to park, and walking around town is not as daunting as it may seem – it’s a pretty small town despite its large array of offerings! Here are the main spots to park in each neighborhood.

Agate Beach

If you’re heading to Yaquina Head, there is plenty of parking even if the lot near the lighthouse is full. Park at the visitor center, check out the interpretive materials there, and then walk the short, gorgeous, mostly-paved trail from there to the lighthouse. Limited handicapped parking is, of course, available at the lighthouse but you might have to try multiple times before getting a spot during the busy season.

Accessing Agate Beach itself is a piece of cake these days – there are multiple access points, all with a good amount of parking. To get to the beach, park at the Agate Beach State Recreation Site on NW Oceanview, either in the small beachside lot or the very large lot across the street. You can also park in the Ernest Bloch Wayside near Roby’s Furniture on Hwy 101, and get to the beach either via the Lucky Gap Trail at the south end of the parking lot or via the new staircase down the road to the north. Parking for that staircase access can also be found along the newly-connected NW Gilbert Way and there are a few spots in a small lot on the corner of NW Lighthouse Dr.

Nye Beach

There is both on-street and lot parking in the Nye Beach neighborhood. The main lot for this neighborhood is at the Nye Beach Turnaround under the concrete arch.


The Bayfront often seems so crowded that it’s impossible to find a parking space. But take heart – if you can walk just a little distance, you can always find a spot. There is parking along Bay Blvd. and along many of the side streets that feed into the Bayfront neighborhood. In addition, there is a small public lot next to the Rogue Public House, a few spots at the very west end of the street near the Coast Guard Station, and head-in parallel spots lining SE Bay Blvd. near the fishing docks. Do not park in the lot marked specifically for fishermen! One other lot is found uphill from the Bayfront on Canyon Way, adjacent to Canyon Way Bookstore and Restaurant.

One lesser-known lot that provides easy access to the Bayfront, Deco District, and Nye Beach is found further up Canyon Way where it becomes SW Hurbert St. at SW 9th St. From here it’s just a few blocks to the Bayfront in one direction and Nye Beach in the other, and you’re smack-dab in the middle of the Deco District near the municipal swimming pool and recreation center, La Maison Restaurant, the summer farmers market, and many other local attractions.

Deco District

The Hurbert St./9th St. lot mentioned above is one easy place to park in the Deco District, and there is a new lot at Angle St. and SW 9th St.

South Beach

Parking is rarely a problem in South Beach, unless you are trying to park near the Rogue Brewery during a halibut opener. Otherwise, parking is ample for each individual South Beach attraction: the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Hatfield Marine Science Center, South Beach State Park, the South Beach marina, Aquarium Village, and the Rogue Brewery all have their own parking.

Of course, walking, biking, and using the city bus are also great options for getting around Newport.

Take a Hike!

Lace Up Your Boots and Get onto the Beaten Path

Newport is a beautiful place to hike, especially for families – the terrain is varied and generally not too challenging, the views are spectacular, and a latte or ice cream cone are never very far away. Just to the north and south of the city are some more challenging, longer hikes that would appeal to more serious trekkers. Here are some short hikes within city limits.

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Find Your Inner Picasso

Create a masterpiece at an Art 101 “Canvas and Cocktails” event

Whether you’re an artistic genius or your artistic talents are, let’s say, as yet undiscovered, here’s a fun activity to try the next time you visit Newport with friends or family: paint your own masterpiece at one of Art 101’s Canvas and Cocktail events. These fun, laid-back, guided painting classes are held the first Friday evening of every month at the Rogue’s Public House on the Bayfront, and similar paint nights are also held by appointment in Art 101’s own studio space. Either way, they’re a blast, and the bonus is, you’ll end up with a unique souvenir to hang on your wall.

Canvas and Cocktails participants gather in the card room at the Rogue, order food and drinks off the regular menu, and are given a canvas, paints, brushes, an easel, and even a smock. Everyone paints the same painting, chosen from among three options offered during the event registration period (see Art 101’s Facebook page or their web site for options and other sign-up information). Philip leads the way, painting the picture one simple step at a time. After he demonstrates each step, he and Jenni circulate among the tables of participants offering guidance, advice, encouragement, more paint as needed, and the occasional gentle teasing remark.

Art 101 is happy to conduct these paint nights as fundraisers or private parties at the Rogue or their studio space, or they’ll come to you, anywhere you’d like. Regular paint nights cost $25 per person at the Rogue or $30 in the studio.

Art 101’s event calendar is chock-full of other fun activities as well, open to visitors as well as locals. They hold sign-painting nights, at which participants can create any number of fun, decorative signs. Family craft nights are a huge hit, where everyone in the family can come and get covered in glue or paint for the craft of the evening. Parents and kids love “Kids Night In,” where parents can drop off their young’uns and head out for the evening, leaving the kids in Jenni and Philip’s capable (and paint-stained) hands. “The parents just skip out of here,” Jenni said. “And the kids always leave happy, too.”

If there isn’t a scheduled event on their calendar during your Newport visit, they’re happy to set one up for you – just give them a call and they’ll be happy to arrange a paint night, sign-making party, or craft event for you.

Art 101

124 SE 1st St.

(541) 520-6224