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There’s Something Special about South Beach

Some of the best Newport adventures are found south of the bridge

Just over the iconic Yaquina Bay Bridge from the hustle and bustle of the Bayfront and the quirky art scene of Nye Beach is another Newport neighborhood worth exploring: South Beach. You already likely know about a few of the highlights of this neighborhood: the Oregon Coast Aquarium is in South Beach, as are the Hatfield Marine Science Center and the Rogue Brewery. But spend a little more time here and you’ll find lesser-known treasures as well.

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Fat is Where it’s AT!

Rent a fat tire bike at Bike Newport and roll on down to the beach

Maybe you don’t want to don spandex and fly along next to traffic on the Bay Road on a road bike. Maybe you don’t want to hurtle downhill and climb muddy obstacles on a mountain bike. If a cushy, easy, and fun ride on the flat beach is more your speed, and really, it should be everyone’s speed at some point, head over to Bike Newport and rent a fat tire bike to ride the beach.

Bike Newport has a fleet of fat bikes to rent for children and adults. You can rent at the shop on 6th St. and ride directly from there to Nye Beach, and that’s where the fun begins.

The tires are ideal for sand, whether you want to ride on the flat, compacted beach near the water or in the dunes. The wide open spaces on Newport’s beaches and the vast sight lines means that riders of all skill levels can ride without fear of running into anything. More adventuresome riders can try tricks, jumps, and obstacles formed by logs and rocks on the beach. Fat bikes can be ridden on mountain biking trails and pavement, too.

Ready to join the fun? You can rent fat tire bikes at Bike Newport any time the shop is open for $20 per hour or $50 for the day, and take them wherever you’d like. They have adult and kid-sized bikes, but the fleet size is limited so be sure to reserve early. You can also call the shop to prearrange a guided group fat bike ride on a local beach. Starting after Memorial Day, the shop will sponsor weekly fat bike rides one night per week (details are still being worked out so check their website or Facebook page). If you’re visiting during the weekend of the solar eclipse (Aug. 21), Bike Newport will be co-sponsoring the Surfrider beach cleanup that weekend, bringing a brigade of fat bikers to help pick up trash. Finally, the Crowders are hoping to arrange some two-day fat bike tours along the coast this summer. A sample itinerary might include riding from Otter Rock to Newport, an overnight in Newport, then riding on day two from Newport to Yachats. Again, keep up with the shop’s web page and Facebook page for the latest on these tours.

Bike Newport

150 NW 6th St.

(541) 265-9917

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Bikes and Beer

Feeling parched after that fat bike ride? Bike Newport has added taps and a bar area to the shop where you can enjoy local brews from Rogue Brewery and Bier One as well as hard cider and local kombucha. Pints and growler fills are available during regular business hours, and special events will dot their calendar throughout the year. Grab a chair on their front porch while your bike is being repaired, or duck in out of the rain any time and hang out.

Stay the night

Where to Stay for America’s Birthday

There’s no better place to celebrate Independence Day than in Newport, where you can find Sousa marches, pristine beaches, fireworks, and your favorite Rogue brews. We’ve got just the right lodging option for kicking off the summer, whether you’d like a luxury resort, a romantic B&B, or a camp site. Check out these options.

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Celebrate the 4th of July with Fireworks over the Bay!

Select from a variety of choice spots to experience the fireworks on Independence Day

Did you know that one of the best Fourth of July fireworks displays in Oregon happens every year in Newport? Enormous mortar rounds are launched from a barge moored in Yaquina Bay; they can be seen from all over town and the surrounding area, and are reflected by the still waters below.

Luckily, there are many great places around the Bay and in town to watch and hear the fireworks. Proper planning will help to ensure that you maximize your viewing experience. First, select a place that overlooks the Bay, or an unobstructed area that allows you to look at the sky directly above the Bay. Next, settle into your spot in advance, well before the fireworks display that begins at dusk. Seek out your very own spot, or choose from one of these.

Above the Bay

Any high vantage point above Yaquina Bay is a great place to watch the fireworks. There are several neighborhoods with public access that provide a spectacular view. The Pacific Maritime Heritage Center is an example of this; it has a large rooftop that overlooks the Historic Bayfront.

The Historic Bayfront

With many public docks and an easily accessible walkway that borders much of the Bay, the Historic Bayfront is ideal for fireworks watching. The sidewalk parallel to SW Bay Blvd. and the Abbey St. Pier are great places to see the show.

Yaquina Bay Road

Yaquina Bay Road leads out of the Historic Bayfront and winds around the Bay, affording a variety of opportunities to set up for the evening and see the fireworks show.

The Yaquina Bridge

The iconic Bay Bridge is also a perfect perch above the Bay, where you can observe the bursts and blasts from a sidewalk that runs alongside Highway 101. There are also plenty of viewpoints beneath the Bridge that face the Bay.

South Beach

Another exceptional location to get the most out of the fireworks display is in the South Beach neighborhoods. Find a spot near the Rogue Brewery, next to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) campus on Marine Science Drive, or at many other places along the Bay itself, including the public crabbing dock near the Rogue Brewery.

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Camp Newport!

Send the kids to summer camp in Newport

Summer camp is the stuff that childhood memories are made of. Why not combine a coastal vacation with a camp experience for the kids? Come before camp starts or stay afterward to extend the fun for everyone. Here are a few Newport summer camp options, both sleep-away and day camps, for kids of all ages.

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Beachcombing Bonanza!

Treasures abound on Newport’s beaches. Here’s what you need to know about finding some of the best coastal souvenirs.

Newport’s beaches are treasure troves of amazing beach finds. Here are a few to look for.


No, you won’t find a T. Rex skull or the femur of a triceratops here, but there are other fossils galore on our beaches, most about 15 to 20 million years old, found in two different geological formations. Good fossil-hunting spots are often places where layers of rock are exposed on a cliff above a sandy beach between headlands. Locally, the most popular spot is Beverly Beach.


Agates, translucent semi-precious stones that come in a wide range of colors, are most common in places where streams empty out onto the beach.Look for glints of color among the grey and brown rocks – red carnelian agates are among the most common types. Hold agate candidates up to the sun – if light shines through, you’ve found an actual agate. Beverly Beach, Moolack Beach, and Agate Beach are favorite agate-hunting spots.

Glass floats

Early 20th-century Japanese fishermen used hollow glass floats to buoy their nets. Sometimes these floats would rip free and bob along, pushed toward our shores by waves and currents. They range in size from baseball to beach ball (rare indeed!), and even more rare and exciting are the rolling-pin shaped ones. Hand-blown floats often show the maker’s stamp on them, and some arrive on shore with pieces of net still clinging to them. Any beach can harbor a glass float - keep your eyes open!

Safety First!

Whenever you’re on the beach, but especially when you’re distracted by searching for treasures on the sand, be sure to keep beach safety in mind. Examine tide tables before you go – beach combing is best around low tide. Don’t let the incoming tide strand you! Watch for “sneaker waves,” unusually powerful waves that can wash up the beach and knock you off your feet. Stay off of cliffs and offshore rocks. The ocean is powerful – respect it, keep an eye on it, but have fun!

Newport looks forward to welcoming you! Click here for more info on visiting Newport.

A Whiz-Bang Independence Day

Newport’s got what you need for the best July 4 ever

Fireworks? Check. Sousa marches? Check. Awesome beer? We got it. Sand and surf? None better. There is no more perfect place to celebrate Independence Day than Newport. Here’s a perfect July 4, all planned out for you. Let the celebration begin!

8:30 am: Kick the day off right with a 5K, 10K, or half marathon race. Ardor Adventures will present the fifth annual 4th of July Celebration Run, which will include these three race options, plus a kids’ fun run. The race begins and ends at the Rogue Brewery in South Beach, with a flat, paved route along the entrance to the bay for the 5K and 10K and some added trail running for the half-marathon. All distances will include a section on the 1300-foot NOAA pier, offering views of the bay and the facility. All finishers receive a medal. For registration and more information about this and other running events throughout the year, see Ardor Adventures’ web site.

11 am: While you’re in the neighborhood, stock up on provisions for your picnic or barbecue at Rogue Ales retail store. Over the weekend, they’ll have their garage sale, held every holiday weekend at the brewery in South Beach. Great bargains are to be had on Rogue’s best brews and gear like t-shirts and pint glasses. You could also grab lunch in the brewery overlooking scenic South Beach Marina. 2122 SE Marine Science Drive.

1 pm: You can’t skip a little beach time on July 4. Now is a good time to build a sand castle, fly a kite, surf some waves, or just hang at the beach. To choose the perfect beach, see our beach guide.

4 pm: It’s time for some patriotic music to really get you in the spirit of the 4th. The Newport Symphony Orchestra offers a free pops concert to the community every 4th of July, courtesy of some generous business sponsors, including Mo’s Restaurants, Oregon Coast Bank, and Bigfoot Beverages. This popular event, at Newport Middle School, attracts hundreds of attendees every year who tap and clap along with Sousa marches, Broadway favorites, and the orchestra’s annual salute to our armed forces. Music Director Adam Flatt conducts. Admission is free, and doors open at 3 pm. See for more information.

Dusk: Newport’s fireworks display never fails to amaze and delight. Fireworks are set off from a barge in Yaquina Bay at dusk (around 9 pm). Good viewing areas include anywhere along the Bayfront and from the Yaquina Bay Bridge (on foot!). One super option that will get you up close to the action is to go out with Marine Discovery Tours, which offers special fireworks cruises on their vessel on July 4.

After the fireworks, it’s another summer night in Newport, and the regular haunts will all be open: Café Mundo, the Sand Bar, the Taphouse at Nye Creek, and Nana’s in Nye Beach, the Barge Inn and Rogue Ales Public House on the Bayfront, and many more. Enjoy your holiday!

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