Discover Newport

Discover Newport, Oregon

They're your vacation days. Do something new.

Newport is alive. A town that touches the parts of you that love being immersed in authentic moments you won’t forget. From the beaches to the bayfront, Newport offers the entire Oregon coast experience in one trip. We invite you to savor our Dungeness Crab, sample our award-winning microbrews, meet some of our most entertaining citizens, and discover our beaches and lighthouses. Remember, they’re your vacation days, so do something new.

Road Trip!

Route 20 construction will finally be wrapping up this summer. In the meantime, Newport is most definitely open for business.

US Route 20 traverses the entire U.S., running 3,365 miles from Boston, MA to Newport. The longest road in the United States, it passes through the south side of Chicago, Yellowstone National Park, the cities of Toledo, Ohio and Toledo, Oregon, and hundreds of other cities and towns. It runs right by the actual field in Dubuque, IA where “Field of Dreams” was filmed. And it forms Main Street in my hometown nine miles east of Boston. 


It’s High Time for High Tea

Jonesing for scones? Try the delectable and oh-so-civilized tea at this Nye Beach inn

Are you feeling a sad emptiness in your life accompanied by an obsessive urge to turn on PBS “just in case?” Have you taken to wearing ascots or elbow-length gloves when you sit down to dinner? Do you find yourself with an inexplicable need to be insulted by Dame Maggie Smith? 


Al Fresco Dining

Where to find the best picnic spots in Newport

Nothing says “summer’s here” like packing up a meal and taking it outdoors to dine. On vacation, picnics have many plus-sides: no need to wait in line for a table at a restaurant, the dress code is always “come as you are,” it’s easy on the wallet, and you get to experience more of the great outdoors. But all picnic spots are not created equal. A picnic at the beach can give new meaning to the word sandwich, for example, as the wind frequently picks up just in time for lunch. Here are some spots that are ideal for al fresco dining in Newport, no picnic blanket required.



Cool Pools

Poke around local tide pools and discover some of Newport’s hidden critters

Before moving to Oregon from the East Coast, I had a totally warped mental picture of Oregon’s beaches. The Pacific Northwest’s tide pools are so famous that I thought the entire coastline must be rocky, cratered with tide pools everywhere you looked. It wasn’t until I visited, and then moved here, that I realized that most of the beaches are sandy, and tide pools are special gems indeed.


Fun with Fido in Newport

Tips for keeping those tails wagging while visiting dog nirvana at the coast

Don’t you hate that look your dog gives you when you pack to go on vacation? You know the one. When the suitcases come out, so do the puppy dog eyes. “Can I come?” they plead.

If you’re heading to Newport, the answer should be a resounding “Yes! Go pack your collar and tennis ball!” Dogs are welcome in Newport, from hotels to beaches to (some) restaurants. Here’s how to keep your furry friend happy while you’re here.