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Stay on the sea cliffs

Spring Break is a great time to get out on the Oregon coast.

Day trips are fun, but why not stay overnight or even longer? The fish are biting, the whales are passing by the thousands, the Oregon Coast Aquarium and Oregon Undersea Gardens are ready to show you what’s under the surface, the lighthouse is ready to show off its wonders — and that’s not to mention the seafood stops, glassblowing, the shops for strolling and browsing and spots for grabbing coffee or your favorite beverage. Or how about getting involved on your break and joining the SOLV beach cleanup on March 23?

With everything being so related to the ocean here, it seems a room by the water is called for. There are plenty of choices for places to stay, but let’s take a look at some spots right on the sea cliffs. Be sure to call ahead for availability and book early: the coast is a top destination for getting spring fever out of the system, and rooms can book up.

Moolack Shores Inn puts the visitor on the quiet end of things and right on a great strolling beach. Located just north of Newport off Highway 101, the motel features 12 individually themed rooms and suites without asking you to break the bank.

Grab your bit of the Pacific morning with a dawn stroll along the beach, located just down the motel steps. Walk south toward the Yaquina Head Lighthouse and you find interesting and photo-worthy basalt rock features on the beach as well as a newly-formed sea arch in a sandstone cliffside, the arch formed by the erosive action of the surf. On walks near the cliffs both to the north and south of the motel, look for ancient shells — a lot of them — embedded deep in the stones.

Right in town, Elizabeth Oceanfront Suites is a three-star destination located off of Southwest Elizabeth Street in Newport. Think expansive ocean views and balconies, large guest rooms and family suites. Keurig coffee makers, a fitness center, breakfast buffet, wifi, flat screen TVs, hot tub and fireplaces are all on offer, helping to put your indoor experience on a par with the outdoors that brought you here.

Think value as you head to Shilo Inns Newport Oceanfront. With 179 rooms facing the ocean, the views to north take in the lighthouse, those to the south feature the Yaquina Bay bar. Relax in the pool, eat at the Shilo Restaurant for coastal favorites and classic dishes, take advantage of the bar and lounge and remember this is a good stay for families, with dogs accepted for a nominal fee and guest under 18 free with an adult.

Cozy gas fireplaces, views from the lighthouse to the jetties, free movie rental choices and the award-winning Georgie’s Beachside Grill make the Hallmark Resort Newport a great place to rest your head. Upscale Admiral Suites feature spa tubs, kitchen or kitchenette, and walkout balconies. Traditional or multi-bed rooms can sleeps groups from 6-8 people without sacrificing comfort.

Of course, no talk of sea cliff rooms is complete without mention of the literary-themed

Sylvia Beach Hotel in Nye Beach, where rooms following a variety of literary themes. Perched high on an overlook, Sylvia Beach is straight out of a Victorian novel. Go ahead, step back in time. Pride and Prejudice, anyone?

Seafood in Newport? Why of Course

Even before the foodie movement became a popular thing, no trip to the coast was ever complete without tasting the fare caught fresh from the sea.

Even before the foodie movement became a popular thing, no trip to the coast was ever complete without tasting the fare caught fresh from the sea. Nowadays, same as long ago, Newport is all about buckets of clams dug from the sand, rockfish netted from the reef and sizzled on the grill, delicate black cod cooked to perfection, and crab boiled out in the open air so the smell can waft on down street.

Follow your nose. There are lots of choices.

Or — here are a few places you can go for local seafood prepared by an expert — or raw fish, crab and shrimp that you can take home as ingredients for your own seafood feast.

Local Ocean Seafoods, located on the bayfront, features a wide array of offerings straight off the Newport boats. Crab is the big thing in the winter months, with the commercial season in full swing. The restaurant and fish market labels its products with the name of the boat which caught it, so you know the source.

Ocean Blu Seafoods at Gino’s is also located on the bayfront; look for the building hung with flotsam and jetsam from the ocean. The building is loaded with decor of the sea and features a dog-friendly patio, and lunch and dinner menus emphasis fresh, local catches with crab cakes, seafood stew, oyster and shrimp dishes and more.

Asiatico Waterfront Fusion Sushi is tucked away on the Newport waterfront with great views of the bay. A family-driven business, Asiatico specializes in innovative Asian fusion cuisine and sushi — just like the name implies— with a laid-back atmosphere and seasonal menu aimed at highlighting local species and preparation that lays bare the unique flavors rather than hiding them under flavor sauce.

Clearwater Restaurant, also on the bayfront, sources its seafood and other ingredients locally and has an impressive lineup of reader’s choice and Newport Seafood and Wine Festival People’s Choice awards, along with a USA Today 10 Best award of 3rd place for Oregon’s Best Dungeness Crab Restaurant.

South Beach Fish Market buys fresh off the boats. Situated in a colorful building south of the Newport bridge, the market dishes up chowder, fish & chips, crab, seafood sandwiches, smoked seafood and a lot more. The market section offers a wide array of locally caught fare, and its website features recipes for seafood ranging from salmon to sole, scallops and beyond.

Mo’s Seafood & Chowder has been around the coast for a long time, and people keep coming back to its two locations in Newport, Original Mo’s on the bayfront and Mo’s Annex across the street right on the harbor. It’s a 70-some year old business that is still family-owned and operated, famous for reasonably-priced seafood ranging from crab to oysters, shrimp to calamari.

Chelsea Rose Seafoods sells right off of Port Dock Three. Look for the antique wooden boat where live crab is being sold from the deck. Port docks 5 and 7 can also feature boats putting up their signs to offer seasonal catches right from their moorings.

It’s worth a stroll and a look around. The docks are open to public, and fishermen are usually happy to talk.

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Choose your Newport beach

What’s your pleasure? Sand dunes for lounging, tidepools for poking around, a river that empties into it all, a place to ride horses, or just easy access?

What’s your pleasure? Sand dunes for lounging, tidepools for poking around, a river that empties into it all, a place to ride horses, or just easy access? Whatever your particular interest, Newport-area beaches have you covered.

Let’s start south and work our way north: The beaches at South Beach State Park are very popular and for a good reason. Horseback riders were recently seen there, trotting in the sun along the sand while surfers caught a gentle winter swell. Long dunes invite visitors to stretch out and take their shoes off, and a series of well-developed trails lead from the beach into expanses of dune grass and sand pine forests — perfect of strolling and contemplating.

Agates can be found on this beach, which terminates to the north against the jetty of the Yaquina Bay bar, a favorite spot for anglers to cast for sea perch, rockfish and lingcod. When the summer winds begin to crank out of the northwest, kite surfers can be seen here, grabbing air with their dramatic jumps. Restrooms at the parking area keep this stop from getting complicated.

Just north across the Yaquina River, Nye Beach offers an easy stroll, and access is the big key here. The Nye Beach turnaround has a gentle ramp down to the sand. A surf perch fisherman with two perch in hand was spotted here recently, so the fish are out there. This beach is an easy walk from hotels, bed and breakfasts and other accommodations. Grab a bite in Nye Beach or a cup of coffee mid-stroll.

Nye Beach rolls north into Agate Beach, which widens to offer more expanses of sand for lounging and picnicking. In not too many weeks, the winds will switch to the north and that is where the north end of Agate Beach really pays off. Blocked by Yaquina Head, the beach is sheltered from the chilly bite of that air, making it pleasant to linger a little longer.

Basalt headlands like Yaquina Head can offer their own unique beaches. Inside the Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, two beaches feature the marvel of sea cliffs meeting the ocean. One of them is Cobble Beach, out by the lighthouse, where tidepools hold gems like sea anemones and hermit crabs. Closer to the entrance to the natural area, Quarry Cove is sheltered from both wind and swell and has great pools to explore at low tide. Steep cliffs rising directly over the cove and shelter a sandy area containing shells, bleached driftwood and wildflowers.

The sandy expanse stretching from north of the lighthouse clear up to Otter Rock offers miles of uninterrupted beach walking. But it can’t easily be accessed from the lighthouse. Instead, drive north and park at Moolack Beach or one of the nearby pullouts. This is a great place to get out the walking poles, or to bring the dog and strike out, snacks and water in your backpack. There is more great tidepooling on the half-mile stretch north of the lighthouse. At just one point in this area, the cliffs are close enough to the ocean that access past them can be blocked in a period of high tide or swell, so walkers should stay aware of what the weather and tides are doing.

The beach approach to Otter Rock from the south feels wonderfully remote, although it really isn’t. Driftwood provides shelter where people have been known to hole up and refuse, if only for awhile, the call back to civilization. Close to Otter Rock, the rocky point blocks the wind, allowing us to stay just a little longer.

The sea air and the dose of nature do wonders. They lower blood pressure, allow time to think, and adjust the perspective. Sometimes, the most rewarding thing to do at the beach is absolutely nothing at all.  

Park It Here

Your guide for parking in Newport

On a busy summer weekend, or during a big event like the Seafood & Wine Festival, it may seem like parking is at a premium in Newport. But otherwise, there are plenty of places for you to park, and walking or biking around town is not as daunting as it may seem – it’s a pretty small town despite our large array of offerings! Here are the best spots to park in each neighborhood.

Agate Beach

If you’re heading to Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area, park at the visitor center, check out the interpretive materials there, and then arrange for a ranger-led tour of the Lighthouse. If you would like a bit more of a hike, there is often parking available just off the Coast Hwy. on NW Lighthouse Dr. You’ll walk about a mile up NW Lighthouse Dr. into the Outstanding Natural Area.

Accessing Agate Beach itself is easy – there are multiple access points, all with a good amount of parking. To get to the beach, park at the Agate Beach State Recreation Site on NW Oceanview, either in the small beachside lot or the very large lot across the street. You can also park in the Ernest Bloch Wayside near Roby’s Furniture on Hwy 101, and get to the beach either via the Lucky Gap Trail at the south end of the parking lot or via the new staircase down the road to the north. Parking for that staircase access can also be found along the newly-connected NW Gilbert Way and there are a few spots in a small lot on the corner of NW Lighthouse Dr.

Nye Beach

There is both on-street and lot parking in the Nye Beach neighborhood. The main lot for this neighborhood is at the Nye Beach Turnaround under the concrete arch, but the side streets to the east of Coast St. are lined with spots as well. Another small lot is located adjacent to Don Davis Park overlooking the ocean where Elizabeth St. and Olive St. merge. If parking is really difficult in Nye Beach, there is a large lot located on Coast St, between Olive St. and 2nd St. that serves Coast Park and the Newport Performing Art’s Center


The Bayfront often seems so crowded that it’s impossible to find a parking space, but it’s not hard if you can walk just a little distance. There is parking along Bay Blvd. and along many of the side streets that feed into the Bayfront neighborhood. In addition, there is a small public lot next to the Rogue Public House, a few spots at the very west end of the street near the Coast Guard Station, and head-in parallel spots lining SE Bay Blvd. near the fishing docks. Do not park in the lot marked specifically for fishermen! One other lot is found uphill from the Bayfront on Canyon Way, adjacent to Canyon Way Bookstore and Restaurant.

One lesser-known lot that provides easy access to the Bayfront, Deco District, and Nye Beach is found further up Canyon Way where it becomes SW Hurbert St. at SW 9th St. From here it’s just a few blocks to the Bayfront in one direction and Nye Beach in the other, and you’re right the middle of the Deco District near the municipal swimming pool and recreation center, La Maison Restaurant, the summer farmer’s market, and many other local attractions.

Deco District

The Hurbert St./9th St. lot mentioned above is one easy place to park in the Deco District, and there is a new lot at Angle St. and SW 9th St.

South Beach

Parking is rarely a problem in South Beach, unless you are trying to park near the Rogue Brewery during a halibut opener. Otherwise, parking is ample for each individual South Beach attraction: the Oregon Coast Aquarium, Hatfield Marine Science Center, South Beach State Park, the South Beach Marina, Aquarium Village, and the Rogue Brewery all have their own parking.

Of course, walking, biking, and using the city bus are also great options for getting around Newport. The bus schedule can be found at

Newport looks forward to welcoming you! Click here for more info on visiting Newport.

Winter activities for the whole family!

Don’t let bad weather at the beach spoil your fun! We have some great ideas that are sure to brighten your day

Winter storms are great to watch, but they often limit your opportunities for outdoor activities. Luckily, Newport has many other options for recreation and relaxation that are fun for the whole family and will keep you warm and dry. Here are some suggestions for indoor activities that will keep you out of the rain.

Oregon Coast Aquarium

For over 25 years, the Oregon Coast Aquarium has been the premier regional destination for exploring the mysteries of the ocean and the unique wildlife that call it home. You’ll love the dozens of displays of sea life and 15 themed exhibits, like the installation called Big Bites that showcases creatures with feeding adaptations. The Animal Encounters & Tours are also fun for older members of the family; learn the ins and outs of caring for the marine animals at the aquarium with a Behind the Scenes Tour, and swim with the fish and sharks when you Dive the Aquarium!

2820 SE Ferry Slip Rd., South Beach

(541) 867-3474

Hatfield Marine Science Center

Since 1965, the Visitor Center at the Hatfield Marine Science Center has introduced thousands of curious visitors to diverse sea life, marine research, and coastal environments. Managed by university students and government scientists, the Visitor Center’s fascinating exhibits explain science and research in an easy to understand, and often hands-on approach. Kids of all ages will love to interact with the tide pool touch tanks, tsunami wave tank, and erosion tank. You’ll also enjoy the fish tanks, informational videos, lectures, seminars and other activities that take place at the Center.

2030 SE Marine Science Dr., South Beach

(541) 867-0226

Treasure Hunting in Local Thrift Stores

There are plenty of treasures to be found in our local thrift stores, where you can search for that perfect toy, outfit, household item, or souvenir! Help support and advance the health and well-being of domesticated animals in Lincoln County by shopping at Pick of the Litter Thrift Store (633 NE 3rd St., Downtown (541) 961-5852). Jonah’s Whale is a great local thrift store that directly helps people in need (614 SW Hurbert St., Downtown (541) 265-8569). If rocks, minerals, and lapidary equipment are the kind of treasure that you are in search of, check out Wesley’s Trading Post (136 SE 1st., Downtown (541) 265-4556).

Mariner Square

Spend the morning, afternoon, or the whole day at Mariner’s Square on Newport’s Historic Bayfront! Mariner’s Square is the home of Ripley’s Believe It or Not, the Waxworks Museum, and the Oregon Undersea Gardens. At Ripley’s, you’ll experience oddities from around the world; meet the elusive Sasquatch, observe the hall of shrunken heads, and step into an earthquake simulator that will shake and rock you! Interact with the lifelike wax creations in the Waxworks Museum, featuring prominent historical figures and celebrities, and characters from your favorite novels, movies and TV shows. Take the elevator down to the bottom of the ocean at Oregon’s Undersea Gardens, where you’ll see an amazing variety of sea life and continuous live dive shows. All three of these attractions feature gift shops with an amazing selection of candy, oddities and local souvenirs.

250 SW Bay Blvd., Bayfront

(541) 265-2206

Newport Recreation Center

Get active while getting out in the rain at the Newport Recreation Center! Lift weights, play basketball, swim in the pool, or play with the kids at the Indoor Park. The Newport Recreation Center is open Monday through Friday from 5 am to 9 pm, Saturday from 7 am to 8 pm, and Sunday from 11 am to 6 pm. Drop-in Basketball games for ages 16 and older are every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 12 pm to 2 pm.  The Indoor Park has slides, tumbling mats, balls and tricycles, and is open to kids of walking age through age 4 every Tuesday and Friday from 9:30 am to 11:30 am and Saturdays from 9:00 am to noon.

225 SE Avery St., Downtown

(541) 265-7783

Yo Ho Ho Indoor Bounce

Bounce out of the bad weather and hop around for a while! Kids of all ages can choose to play and jump on a variety of inflatable bouncy slides, castles, and other fun structures. Parents and older kids can watch the younger ones bounce, or get in on the action too.

3101 SE Ferry Slip Rd., South Beach

(541) 867-3423

Escape Rooms Newport

Gather the family together for an adventure unlike any other you’ve ever experienced! You will be immersed in a live interactive game, where the object is to solve a series of puzzles that will lead to your freedom. You must work together as a team to decipher codes, clues and hints in less than 60 minutes to find the solution. Choose between the themed Pirate’s Gold or The Hangin’ Sheriff rooms as the setting for your adventure. The rooms are expertly decorated, and full of both obvious and hidden clues that will allow you to progress to the next level. In addition, you will be granted a number of hints to help if you are unable to solve a puzzle or find a clue. The sheriff’s jail is designed for 2-8 participants, and is moderately difficult to solve, while the pirate ship can host 2-10 participants and is considered more challenging to complete.

3101 SE Ferry Slip Rd. #226, South Beach

(541) 867-2988

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What’s on tap tonight?

Newport has some of the best spots to relax and have a drink

Do you want a great place to gather for a few beers with friends after a full day at the beach? Or would you rather enjoy cocktails or a bottle of wine quietly with your sweetheart as the sun sets? Maybe you prefer having some drinks while shooting a round of pool, throwing some darts, or singing your favorite karaoke songs?

Here in Newport, we’ve got a variety of bars and lounges to satisfy all of your needs! You don’t have to settle for one place, as a variety of bars and lounges are walking distance from one another and are close to local lodging. If you don’t feel like walking, or want to visit a place that’s too far to walk, you can always call Yaquina Cab at (541) 265-9552 to travel safely back and forth.

Unwind at Sea Glass Bistro & Lounge, where you’ll discover a fantastic place to relax while enjoying amazing coastal cuisine and beverages inside the Best Western Plus Agate Beach Inn. The newly remodeled and renamed restaurant and bar combines an amazing assortment of drinks and a superb seafood-inspired menu, with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean and Agate Beach. The Sea Glass Bistro & Lounge also offers five TVs so that you can watch the big game while you’re staying on the coast.

3019 N Coast Hwy., Agate Beach                                

Head to the Taphouse at Nye Creek, a recent and welcome addition to the Nye Beach neighborhood. The Taphouse has 28 rotating beer, wine and cider taps, with a wide selection of Oregon craft beer. They also have a large and diverse menu, specializing in an assortment of appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, seafood, and pizza. Make sure to stop in between 3-5:30 pm to take advantage of their daily happy hour specials.

515 NW Coast St., Nye Beach

Relax at the Sandbar & Grill! Order a cold mug of beer or a specialty cocktail, have a bite to eat, play a game of pool, or try your luck at video poker! A short walk from the beach, and located in the heart of the Nye Beach Neighborhood, the Sandbar & Grill is a favorite of both locals and visitors alike. It’s an excellent place to relax and reflect at the end of the day, or to take a break before heading back to the beach. Once you’ve been to the Sandbar and Grill, you’ll want to make it a regular stop every time you come to Newport.

722 NW Beach Dr., Nye Beach     

Wander into Nana’s Irish Pub, another local favorite, and for good reason. They have an excellent selection of beers on tap plus a full bar, and the best comfort food you can find; outstanding Irish pub fare, from fish & chips to the best Reuben around. The lively atmosphere at Nana’s is truly worthy of the Dublin pub scene. The classic drink there is a Guinness on tap, but they also specialize in other Irish beer, whiskey and cocktails. In addition, they offer great happy hour specials from 3-6 pm, Monday through Friday, and often feature live music in the evenings.

613 NW 3rd St., Nye Beach

You’ll always find fun at Moby Dick’s! Located right in the center of town, Moby Dick’s is a Newport institution. Their adult playground features pool, shuffleboard, pinball, and even chess. They have a great Jukebox, and often host live music, but the big draw there is Karaoke, which starts at 9 pm, seven nights a week. Moby Dick’s has great daily happy hour specials from 4-7 pm, and they serve an assortment of your favorite pub food.

448 SW Coast Hwy., Deco District

Step into Rogue Ales Public House, specializing in the entire range of Rogue ales brewed right across the bay. In addition to 35 taps of craft brew, try some of Rogue’s own whiskey, gin, and vodka, also distilled in Newport. You can drink Rogue beer in many places now, but there’s nothing better than coming to the source, where they brewed their first batches of beer before 1992. Rogue’s happy hour is called “hoppy hour,” and they offer their lunchtime “hoppy meal” from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm daily.

748 SW Bay Blvd., Historic Bayfront

Barge Inn to the local scene! Newport’s Barge Inn is a fixture on the Historic Bayfront. In fact, the self-proclaimed “Home of the Winos, Dingbats, and Riff Raff” has been a local landmark since 1936. The Barge Inn is a popular spot with fishermen and other residents, and you’ll feel right at home when you order a frosty beer or classic cocktail. They also serve the famous Barge Burger, which many consider to be the best burger in town. Stop in for a drink and a bite to eat, play a few games of pool, and listen to the amazing stories about fishing and living in a great coastal town.

358 SW Bay Blvd., Historic Bayfront

Bring your friends to Hoover’s Pub & Grill! Since 1978, locals and visitors to the South Beach Neighborhood have been coming to Hoover’s Pub & Grill for drinks, dinner and fun! Hoover’s has an assortment of popular pub food and a full-service bar, and offers a comfortable atmosphere inside, or outside in their tiki-themed patio. In addition to video poker, you can shoot some pool or challenge your friends to a game of foosball, and they even have a book exchange if you’re looking for something to read. Hoover’s features live music on Fridays and Saturdays, and has an open mic night most Thursdays. You’ll know you’re in the right place when you see the mini Yaquina Bay Bridge on the roof.

3539 Hwy 101, South Beach

Drink fresh craft beer at Wolf Tree Taproom! Local favorite Wolf Tree Brewing has opened up a taproom, and you’ll be glad they did! The Wolf Tree Nanobrewery has been crafting amazing beers from their Seal Rock brewery for a few years, but had not had a place to serve it until now. They feature their amazing beer, as well as a rotating guest tap for cider, and a choice of fine regional wine. The Taproom doesn’t offer food other than popcorn, but they do encourage you to bring your own meal or snacks from elsewhere.  

4590 SE Harborton St., South Beach  

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