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A Wee Bit O’ the Irish

Everyone’s Irish in Newport on St. Patrick’s Day!

As luck would have it, St. Patrick’s day falls on a Saturday this year! Which means you’ll have the whole weekend to enjoy a getaway to the coast. Come celebrate the holiday in Newport, where you’ll definitely find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Of course Saturday, March 17 will be the biggest day of celebration. Start your day with the annual Shamrock Run put on by Ardor Adventures. You can choose from a 5K, 10K, or a kids’ fun run (about a mile) along a flat, fast, and scenic route. New to the race this year is the Largest Team Competition, where the three largest teams will win prizes. All races start and finish at the Rogue Brewery in South Beach; the perfect place to enjoy a pint after your run! The race will include a costume contest with prizes, so come dressed as that leprechaun, rainbow, or shamrock!

Pre-registration is open until March 16, and race day registration is available starting at 8 am onsite. The 5K and 10K races begin at 10:15 am following the kids’ race that starts at 10:00 am. Proceeds from the race will support Shangri-La, a non-profit that provides disability services, including employment, housing, and counseling, on the central Oregon Coast and Willamette Valley. Visit to pre-register for the race.

Be sure your Newport adventures this weekend include a stop at Bridie’s Irish Faire, a shop chock full of Irish treasures in Nye Beach. In addition to silver jewelry, books, and cards, you’ll find an amazing assortment of lovely, handmade items. You can also book a tour to Ireland or other destinations through Bridie’s. Find them at 715 NW 3rd St. in Nye Beach.

There’s no better way to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Newport than a visit to Nana’s Irish Pub in Nye Beach for a pint of Guinness, the best shepherd’s pie this side of Dublin, and some traditional Irish music. Portland’s own Irish Gate will perform high energy Celtic rock n’ roll Friday, March 16 from 7-10 pm and again on the afternoon of March 17 from 1:30-4:30 pm, and the Pub will feature O’Duoling, all the way from Dublin, Ireland on March 17, from 7-10 pm. Nana’s holds down a prime corner in Nye Beach at 613 NW 3rd St and will host the biggest party of the weekend!

Newport looks forward to welcoming you! Click here for more info on visiting Newport.

It’s Time for a Road Trip!

Gather your family or friends for a spring break road trip that ends in Newport

Spring is the perfect time to come to Newport with family and friends! We’ve put together a few road trip suggestions to ensure that the journey is as much fun as the destination. Take your time getting here, wherever you’re coming from – we’ll be ready for your arrival with a hot bowl of chowder, gorgeous beaches, and lots of fun things to do.

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Let’s Go on a Field Trip!

Spring is a great time for a field trip to Newport

When you think of field trips, do you remember getting out of school for the day to study something outside of the classroom? Well, you don’t have to be in school to take a field trip! Why not combine a coastal vacation with a field trip for the whole family? Come discover some of the field trips that Newport has to offer for kids of all ages.

Oregon Museum of Science and Industry (OMSI)

The recently constructed OMSI Coastal Discovery Center at Camp Gray in Newport gives OMSI coastal programs a permanent home. Located near South Beach State Park, Camp Gray provides kids access to beach, dune, tide pool, and coastal forest environments. OMSI offers a variety of amazing science-based activities and events, and also opportunities for all-day or overnight camps focused on coastal habitats, marine-inspired art, documentary filmmaking, and marine field studies. 3400 SW Abalone St. South Beach, (503) 797-4000

Hatfield Marine Science Center

Since 1965, the Visitor Center at the Hatfield Marine Science Center has introduced thousands of curious visitors to diverse sea life, marine research, and coastal environments. Managed by university students and government scientists, the Visitor Center’s fascinating exhibits explain science and research in an easy to understand, and often hands-on approach. The whole family will love to interact with the tide pool touch tanks, tsunami wave tank, and erosion tank. You’ll also enjoy the fish tanks, informational videos, lectures, seminars and other activities that take place at the Center. 2030 SE Marine Science Dr., South Beach, (541) 867-0100

Surf School

Surfing is a big deal in Newport. What better way to learn to catch a wave than to go to Surf School, one or three-day surfing lessons offered through Ossie’s Surf Shop in Agate Beach? Ossie’s offers Surf School throughout the spring for ages 9 to adult (family Surf School would be a blast!), taught by experienced, friendly, and certified instructors. “Tuition” also includes a rental of all the necessary gear. 4860 Oregon Coast Hwy, Uptown, (541) 574-4634

Oregon Coast Aquarium

For 25 years, the Oregon Coast Aquarium has been the premier regional destination for exploring the mysteries of the ocean and the unique wildlife that call it home. You’ll love the dozens of displays of sea life and 15 themed exhibits, like the new installation called Big Bites that showcases creatures with feeding adaptations. The Animal Encounters & Tours are also fun for older members of the family; Get up close and personal with Seal and Sea Lion Kisses, learn the ins and outs of caring for the marine animals at the aquarium with a Behind the Scenes Tour, and swim with the fish and sharks when you Dive the Aquarium! 2820 SE Ferry Slip Rd., South Beach, (541) 867-3474

Art Fridays

For the artsy and crafty kids, check out Art Fridays for middle school students (ages 10-14) at Newport’s Visual Arts Center (VAC). During this series of Art Fridays, students will tour the world, and learn about art practices and traditions from Mongolia to Japan, Mexico to Africa, and many more regions. Classes are held from 3:45 - 5:45, and run every Friday until the third week in March. 777 NW Beach Dr., Nye Beach, (541) 265-6540  

Marine Discovery Tours

Climb aboard the deluxe, 65 foot Discovery for a fun and exciting two-hour Sea Life Cruise! Led by a team of enthusiastic naturalist guides, the tour will take you around the bay and into the ocean (if the conditions are safe enough to leave the bay). You’ll search for gray whales, harbor porpoises, seals, sea lions, pelicans, bald eagles and many other diverse kinds of sea life, and experience all of the fantastic scenery that the bay and coastline have to offer. 345 SW Bay Blvd., Historic Bayfront, (541) 265-6200

Stay the night

We’ve got the room for you

You have a huge range of lodging options in Newport, from campsites to intimate B&Bs to luxury hotel rooms along the ocean. Below is a link to just a couple unique hotels with beautiful ocean views that you might enjoy. There are many more of course, so you might want to spend a full week in Newport and try more than one during your stay.

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What to Wear

How to dress right when you come to the coast

It’s so embarrassing when you show up somewhere in completely inappropriate attire, isn’t it? That one party you thought was a costume party but … wasn’t. That black-tie affair to which you wore black jeans (ugh, and brown shoes). And let’s not even talk about your misunderstanding of the “country casual” dress code for that one office retreat.

We know how you feel, and want you to be right at home in Newport, so here’s a guide to what to wear to make the best fashion statement when you visit our oh-so-chic coastal town.

Fleece, otherwise known as coastal velvet

Step one in dressing for coastal success is to wear lots and lots of fleece: Fleece pants, fleece socks, and especially fleece shirts and jackets are all must-haves. Fleece is warm, lightweight, and, most importantly, dries quickly. It also comes in every color of the rainbow, so you can sport your basic black fleece top (very slimming) for attending the Newport Symphony; you might want to go with OSU orange when you visit Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center; and perhaps ocean blue to blend in with the exhibits when you tour the Oregon Coast Aquarium. Any color will do when you hit the beach, because you’ll likely be covered in layers over your fleece anyway.

Rain Gear

It sometimes rains here, as you might already know, so good rain gear is critical. A raincoat is in nearly everyone’s closet already, but the insiders at the coast know that rain pants are all the rage. (Seriously, we recommend them. It’s no fun to have to change out of your good tuxedo pants because they got soaked at the beach. Rain pants rock.) And remember to dress in layers, just like your mom always told you. In addition to helping handle the weather, layers mean even more opportunities to make fun fashion choices!


The right shoe for the right setting, right? Great coastal options, depending on the plan for the day, include hiking boots (waterproof, preferably), rubber boots (the top of the line, worn by most fishermen, are Xtratufs), sneakers, or five-inch patent leather heels. Just kidding on that last one.


If your outerwear does not come with a hood, you might choose to accessorize with a hat. While that dashing top hat does match your tux, a better choice might be a baseball cap. Ski hats aren’t just for skiing anymore … they’ve come down off the slopes and onto the beach. It could still be cold enough here in March and April (and, truthfully, May) to need one.


On trend this season, and in fact every season, at the coast is neoprene, the fabric of choice for all the best wetsuit designers. You’ll need a wetsuit if you plan to surf, sail, or otherwise get wet. Don’t have your own? You can rent or buy wetsuits and the appropriate accessories at Newport’s surf shops.


Top off that coastal ensemble with just the right accouterments. Appropriate accessories include scarves, backpacks, and any kind of dog. The biggest fashion accessory faux-pas? Umbrellas. Not useful. Not cool.

In all seriousness, dress here is pretty casual at most restaurants, performances, and venues. We don’t stand on ceremony, and we certainly don’t stand on five-inch heels (unless you want to). Come as you are, and just have fun.

Newport looks forward to welcoming you! Click here for more info on visiting Newport.


Winter activities for the whole family!

Don’t let bad weather at the beach spoil your fun! We have some great ideas that are sure to brighten your day.

Winter storms are great to watch, but they often limit your opportunities for outdoor activities. Luckily, Newport has many other options for recreation and relaxation that are fun for the whole family and will keep you warm and dry. Here are some suggestions for indoor activities that will keep you out of the rain.

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NOAA and Newport

Newport is home to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Marine Operations Center-Pacific (MOC-P)

As a national agency dedicated to science, research and their practical applications to everyday life, NOAA’s mission is to understand and predict changes in climate, weather, oceans, and coasts, and to share that information with others. The agency is also tasked with conserving and managing coastal and marine ecosystems and resources, and helping to protect mariners and the public from the forces of nature. NOAA is the nation’s primary source of weather data, forecasts and predictions.

Although NOAA has only existed as a national agency since 1970, the agencies that were combined to form NOAA are among the oldest in the federal government. Thomas Jefferson created the Survey of the Coast in 1807 to chart the nation’s coastal waters to ensure that ships could safely transport civilians, troops, and materials. In 1917, an act of Congress made the Survey (at that time, named the Coast and Geodetic Survey) a commissioned service, for defense purposes during World War I. The Coast and Geodetic Survey was again instrumental during World War II in producing nautical and aeronautical charts, providing critical geospatial information to artillery units, and conducting reconnaissance surveys. 

In addition to the Coast and Geodetic Survey, the U. S. Weather Bureau was another agency that was merged to create NOAA in 1970. The U.S Weather Bureau was established in 1870 to provide weather observations and warnings for the U.S. Army, and was transferred to the Department of Agriculture in 1890. The U.S. Weather Bureau became the National Weather Service and a part of NOAA in 1970. The U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries was the final agency to become a part of NOAA. Formed in 1871, the Commission of Fish and Fisheries was charged with protecting commercial fish and studying marine mammals. In 1882, their vessel, the USS Albatross became the first scientific ship built for fisheries and oceanographic research. For 30 years, Albatross discovered many new marine species and became the model for NOAA’s modern marine research.

Since 2011, the NOAA Marine Operations Center-Pacific has been headquartered in Newport’s South Beach, providing administrative and logistical support for the five ships in NOAA’s Pacific fleet, two of which, the Bell M. Shimada and Rainier are homeported at the facility. The other vessels, Oscar Dyson, Reuben Lasker, and Fairweather are homeported in California and Alaska, but often dock in Newport as part of scientific and research missions. The facility is leased from the Port of Newport, and includes 40,852 square feet of office and warehouse space, and a 1,300-foot-long wharf and small port dock. The 20 year lease is effective until 2031, when the agency will have the opportunity to renew it.

The center in Newport and all five ships are part of the NOAA Office of Marine and Aviation Operations, based in Silver Springs, Maryland. The ships in NOAA’s Pacific fleet are tasked with collecting essential data used to protect coral reefs and historic shipwrecks, manage commercial fish stocks, understand climate processes, and produce nautical charts that help keep mariners safe. The ships also deploy and help maintain buoys that gather oceanographic and weather information and warn of tsunamis.

NOAA scientists also conduct research from Oregon State University’s Hatfield Marine Science Center (HMSC), which is located just across the street from the MOC-P facility in South Beach. The HMSC’s Newport Research Station is the only port research facility for NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center. Scientists and staff at the HMSC work aboard NOAA vessels to conduct scientific research throughout the Pacific coast region.

For the past six years, NOAA has become an integral part of the Newport community. The agency provides over 100 living-wage jobs to the area (over 200 jobs when the other research vessels are in port), as well as educational presentations, classes and exhibits through the HMSC. NOAA’s majestic research vessels are easy to spot across the Yaquina Bay from the Historic Bayfront, and are often seen leaving the bay or returning to port from research missions.

NOAA Website

Maximize Your Visit!

We’ve designed some great itineraries to enhance your stay in Newport

Although we’re certain that Newport has more than enough great restaurants, events and activities to fill your stay, here are a few suggested one-day itineraries to make your visit the very best. You may choose to follow this list faithfully, or veer off at any point on your own adventure. If you’re here for more than one day, say a weekend or during spring break, check out a variety of additional ideas at

A Day with the Family

Newport is the perfect place to bring the whole family. No matter what the weather is doing, we’ve planned a great day that both kids and adults are sure to enjoy.

9:00 am: Breakfast, Pig ‘n Pancake ● Pancakes, bacon, biscuits and gravy, omelets, bottomless cups of coffee, and more, all in a very family-friendly atmosphere. There’s no better way to start the day. 810 SW Alder St., Deco District

10:00 am:  Oregon Coast Aquarium ● No trip to Newport is complete without a visit to the sea otters, touch pool, giant Japanese spider crabs, and other denizens of the deep. The Aquarium is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, and the family will love the many exhibits on display.  2820 SE Ferry Slip Rd., South Beach

1:00 pm: Lunch, Mo’s, and wandering Newport’s Historic Bayfront ● Nothing says Newport like a piping hot bowl of clam chowder, and they have a great kids’ menu! After lunch, wander the Historic Bayfront to shop for souvenirs and watch the local fishing fleet in action. Say hi to the sea lions! 622 SW Bay Blvd., Bayfront

3:00 pm: Mariner Square ● Kids and adults alike will be amazed at the attractions at Mariner Square! Explore all sorts of curiosities at Oregon Undersea Gardens, The Wax Works, Ripley’s Believe It or Not! 250 SW Bay Blvd., Bayfront

5:30 pm: Dinner at Nana’s in Nye Beach ● Most restaurants in Newport are kid-friendly, and Nana’s Irish Kitchen, popular with both visitors and locals, is no exception. Come for the hearty comfort food, stay for the friendly atmosphere and beers on tap. 613 NW 3rd St., Nye Beach

6:30 pm: Bonfire on the beach ● Take your s’mores ingredients and head to the beach for an evening bonfire to wrap up your busy day. Nye Beach and Agate Beach are both perfect spots.


Spend the Day with Your Friends

Gather your friends together and come to the coast! it’s time to hang out and catch up in Newport.

9:30 am: Breakfast, Panini Bakery, Nye Beach ● Best lattes you can find in Newport, plus incredible baked goods. One huge Panini cinnamon roll will definitely hold you until lunch. 232 NW Coast St., Nye Beach

10:00: Rent surfing gear and catch some waves, Ossie’s Surf Shop & Agate Beach ● You can also take lessons and buy equipment through this shop, right across the road from one of the best surfing spots in the state. 4860 Oregon Coast Hwy., Agate Beach

1:00 pm: Burritos, La Roca ● Surfing sure works up an appetite. Time for burritos at this great Mexican spot. 352 SW 9th St., Deco District

2:00 pm: Walk the Historic Bayfront ● Unless you want to get back in the water, this could be the time to check out the Bayfront’s shops and restaurants, and watch the boats come and go. Scope out meals for the rest of your stay!

3:00 pm: Tour at Rogue Brewery, followed by happy hour ● The Rogue Brewery in South Beach offers tours of its brewing facility multiple times a day. Be sure to stay afterward to try the beers and grab a bite to eat. 2320 SE Marine Science Dr., South Beach

6:00 Bonfire on the beach ● There should be lots of driftwood at the beach with which to build your bonfire, but note that setting fire to immovable stumps and logs is not permitted.


Enjoy a Day Together

Newport offers the perfect getaway for couples, whether you’re more outdoorsy or indoorsy. Here’s the perfect outdoor schedule, but feel free to substitute the above-mentioned indoor activities if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

7:30 am: Run or walk on the beach ● It’s good for the calves! It’s good for the heart! Start the day with a run or walk on the beach. Any beach will do, but Nye and Agate are popular choices.

9:00 am: Breakfast, La Maison ● If you’re more in the mood for a bowl of coffee than a cup, La Maison is your place. It also offers some of the best food around, including flaky pastries and mouth-watering cakes. 315 SW 9th St., Deco District

10:00 am: Ride bikes through South Beach State Park ● If you’ve brought your bikes, try starting at the South Beach State Park day use area and riding north along the paved trail that leaves from the parking lot, then along the jetty road to the bike paths that go under the bridge. Or you can rent fat tire bikes at Bike Newport and ride on the beach near their shop instead.

South Beach State Park: 5580 S. Coast Hwy., South Beach

Bike Newport: 150 NW 6th St., Nye  Beach

12:00 pm: Lunch at Clearwater ● Bike, walk or drive over to the Historic Bayfront for a bite to eat at Clearwater, where the food is just as good as the view. We suggest eating upstairs near the gas fireplace, with a view of the bay, the bridge, and the sea lions. 325 SW Bay Blvd., Bayfront

1:30 pm: Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area ● You could spend a whole day here, tidepooling, hiking, touring the historic lighthouse, and bird-watching. Look for whales offshore! 750 NW Lighthouse Dr., Agate Beach

4:00 pm: Happy hour at Sorella ● Sorella in Nye Beach has some of the best cocktails around, as well as outstanding Italian food. The happy hour menu includes drink specials and delicious snacks. 526 NW Coast St., Nye Beach

5:30 dinner: Sorella? Georgie’s? ● You can easily eat your fill at Sorella, or if you want an ocean view for sunset, head to Georgie’s Beachside Grill overlooking the ocean.

Georgie’s: 744 SW Elizabeth St., near Nye Beach

7:00 bonfire on the beach ● End the perfect day with a romantic bonfire on the beach. It’s a great place to watch the sunset with the one you love!

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