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Run from the Barrel to the Keg!

Lace up your running shoes for the Barrel to Keg Relay

Do you like to earn your beer with a good workout? That’s exactly what you’ll be doing when you run from the Barrel to the Keg! The Barrel to Keg running relay takes place Saturday, July 14, with start times at 7 am, 7:20 am, 7:40 am, 8 am, 8:20 am, 8:40 am, and 9 am. Barrel to Keg has something for everyone! What could be better than ending a run with cheers and beers?

The Eighth annual Barrel to Keg Relay is sponsored by Community Services Consortium, Rogue Brewery,  Harris Bridge Vineyards, and other generous local businesses, and is designed for walkers and runners of all abilities. The race begins at Harris Bridge Vineyards near Philomath, runs along the scenic back roads of Benton and Lincoln Counties, through the stunning backcountry of the Oregon Coast Range and the town of Toledo, across the iconic Yaquina Bridge, and finishes at the Rogue Brewery in Newport’s South Beach.

Teams of two to seven runners will split the 111k (69 mile) journey into 14 legs, and teams of two to eight walkers will cover 51k (35 miles) in 8 legs. You don’t need a team to register; event coordinators will match you up with other runners or walkers. Solo and ultra runners are also invited to participate. Teams are encouraged to decorate their relay cars, trucks or vans. Prizes will be awarded for best costume, best dressed vehicles and fastest finishers.

Proceeds from the race benefit Community Services Consortium, a non-profit community action agency helping people out of poverty in seven Oregon counties. For more information, and to register, visit for the relay.

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What’s on the Menu?

From gourmet dining to comfort food, Newport has your favorite meal!

Memorial Day Weekend is one of the best times of the year to come to the coast and spend some quality time with family and friends. No matter how you plan to enjoy Newport, there are always great breakfast, lunch and dinner options right around the corner, along the Historic Bayfront, or up from the beach. We have some amazing restaurants that are perfect for a quick bite to eat, or a formal sit down meal to celebrate your stay.

Enjoy a Hearty Meal Anytime at Newport Café

The Newport Café Superhero Squad is at the ready to serve you hearty portions of delicious food! Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served all day at Newport Cafe, and they are open 24 hours. They’ll even deliver your meal to where you’re staying. Their comprehensive menu is sure to have your favorite kind of comfort food; share a Super Ultimate Monster Burger with family and friends, and don’t forget to check out their rotating daily specials. Newport Café offers amazing home cooked meals you can afford, and you’ll always be treated like family.

534 N Coast Hwy., Uptown


Order Something for Everyone at Lucky Thai Elephant

You’ll be pleasantly surprised when you visit the Lucky Thai Elephant restaurant for lunch or dinner. Specializing in stir fried dishes, curries, soups, and many kinds of noodle entrees, Lucky Thai Elephant offers a wide variety of amazing traditional Thai cuisine. In addition to an assortment of meat based dishes, they also include a number of vegan and vegetarian menu options. House favorites include the incredible pad thai and the delicious tom yum soup, and most meals can be customized to add or delete ingredients and levels of spiciness to accommodate individual preferences.  

807 SW Coast Hwy, Deco District  

Celebrate Your Stay with a Visit to Ove Northwest

This recent addition to the Nye Beach is just what the neighborhood needed! Ove Northwest serves up amazing and affordable lunch and dinner offerings in a simple, yet elegant atmosphere with great views of the Pacific Ocean. The menu consists of New American cuisine that is vegetable forward, seafood focused in season, and as local and sustainable as possible, and their dishes pull together international tastes that weave elements of one culture into the whole meal. Owners Charlie and Margie Branford prepare and serve your selections, and are happy to suggest which wines and desserts will perfectly compliment your entre.  

749 NW 3rd St., Nye Beach

Wake Up or Take a Break at Panini Bakery

Stop in for coffee or an espresso drink and fuel up with a freshly baked bite to eat. Panini Bakery in Nye Beach will wake you up in the morning or regenerate you in the middle of your adventures! In addition to great coffee and espresso drinks, Panini specializes in fresh baked pastries, breads and baked goods (the bread is so good that it is featured on the menus of other local restaurants). Panini also has a variety of sandwiches and pizza options for lunch and dinner.

232 NW Coast St., Nye Beach  

Eat Fresh and Local at Clearwater

Overlooking the Yaquina Bay in Newport’s Historic Bayfront, Clearwater Restaurant provides top-notch Coastal Cuisine from award winning chefs with an amazing view to match. Come in for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and you’ll find something incredible to eat; Clearwater sources all of their menu items locally whenever possible. Or stop into the bar if you just want to enjoy the view with a small plate and specialty cocktail, beer or glass of wine. Clearwater also offers excellent catering service, and would love to provide all of the food and drink for your next event.   


325 SW Bay Blvd., Bayfront

Savor the Deliciousness at Ocean Bleu Seafoods at Gino’s

Ocean Blue
Seafoods at Gino’s serves up some of the freshest, locally-sourced seafood on
the Historic Bayfront, and their clam chowder is said to be the best in town.
Chock full of juicy clams with house-smoked bacon, you’ll easily realize why
their chowder is in a category all by itself. In addition to great clam
chowder, their menu is full of other amazing seafood choices like fresh-caught
salmon, Dungeness crab, halibut or tuna. Ocean Bleu Seafoods at Gino’s also
offers a market with fresh, mostly local seafood that is processed onsite and
officially recognized as sustainable. Dine in, or grab some fresh seafood to
cook later!

808 SW Bay Blvd, Bayfront  


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Get into the Water!

Collect your own clams, and have a great time doing it!

Summer on the coast is one of the best times of the year to enjoy watersports, and because Newport is surrounded by water, you have many opportunities to surf, kayak and paddleboard. Whether you choose to go into the ocean, rivers or lakes, we have the perfect spot for every watersport and skill level. If you’re new to the sport or interested in getting started, lessons and rental gear are locally available.


Surfers have long known that the Central Oregon Coast offers some of the best waves available anywhere. We have miles of uncrowded beaches, excellent breaks and clean waters that are perfect for surfers of all skill levels. Great surfing can be had on many of the beaches from Newport all the way to Lincoln City, but some of the best local beaches include South Beach, Agate Beach, and Otter Rock.

If you’re new to surfing, lessons are readily available and inexpensive, and will teach you the basics of the sport. As a beginning surfer, you’ll probably start out with rental gear, which will help you determine what kind of board and wetsuit is best for you without the initial expense. In addition to equipment rentals and surfing lessons, local surf shops provide concise reports on daily surf conditions. Here are a few shops to visit for all of your surfing needs:

Ossies Surf Shop                                                                                                                                    

4860 NE Hwy.101                                                                                                                                     

(541) 574-4634

Ocean Pulse                                                                                                                                

428 SW Hwy.101                                                                                                                                          

(541) 265-7745   

Pura Vida Surf Shop                             

845 1st St. Otter Rock                                                                                   

(541) 929-7873

Kayaking and Paddleboarding                                                                                                                    

Newport offers a wide range of salt and fresh waterways that are excellent for all skill levels of kayaking and paddleboarding. Olalla Lake is ideal for beginners; it’s calm, has less wind, and is only seven miles away in Toledo. Another great place for inexperienced kayakers and paddleboarders is Beaver Creek, just five miles south of Newport in Brian Booth State Park. Beaver Creek is slow moving, and winds through coastal wetlands teeming with wildlife.

For intermediate kayakers and paddleboarders, the Siletz River is just north of Newport and offers a more challenging experience. Depending on the river level, you can explore about six miles of the winding curves and mild rapids on the Siletz. The Yaquina Bay is also a popular spot, and offers plenty of great sightseeing from the water, where you’ll be able to cruise by the docked boats and the Historic Bayfront. You can also enter the Yaquina River from the Bay, and paddle for many miles viewing fantastic scenery and abundant wildlife.

In addition to the above mentioned spots, skilled kayakers are able to take advantage of the miles of coastline that run north and south from Newport. Sea kayaking is an amazing way to interact with the ocean; you can ride the waves and get a unique glimpse of the shoreline. If you have never been sea kayaking, we recommend that you take some lessons before going out on your own.

Kayak lessons and kayak and paddleboard rentals are available through Ossie’s Surf Shop and the Oregon Boating Foundation. You can also take a variety of daily kayak tours that are offered daily from Ossie’s, and are guided according to your skill level.

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Don’t Let the Big One Get Away!

Charter a sport fishing boat from Newport to catch a variety of ocean delicacies

It all starts with a slight tug that quickly turns into an epic struggle…Fish On! Before you know it, you’re trying to catch your breath while inspecting the fresh catch thrashing about on the end of your line! After landing this delicacy from the deep, the only question is deciding which hearty greens and fine wine will fully complement your evening meal.

Everyone knows that Newport is the premier spot on the Oregon Coast for fresh seafood, but it’s also home to many sport fishing charter boats with experienced crew ready to embark on daily deep sea angling excursions. Tuna, salmon, halibut, cod, and a variety of rockfish are available, and local charter captains will skillfully guide you to where these fish can be found. Sport fishing trips are affordable and frequently available, so you will have no difficulty scheduling a day out on the ocean.

Local charters will have all of the equipment you will need for your fishing trip, and some will allow you to use your own rod if you choose, but be prepared to bring some other essential items. In addition to the charter fee you will need an Oregon fishing license; if you don’t already have one, daily licenses may be purchased with your charter package. To insure a comfortable experience, dress in layers, complete with a rain jacket, hat and gloves. Many charters offer food and drinks, but if yours doesn’t, bring a thermos of coffee or tea, a canteen of water and some snacks or a picnic lunch. Also bring a little cash to tip the captain and crew and to pay for the fish cleaning services at the end of your trip, and be sure leave a cooler with ice in your car to transport your fresh fish.

Most likely, you will check-in and mingle somewhere near the docks of the Port of Newport early on the morning of your scheduled adventure. The captain and crew will invite you on board, and will discuss safety, fishing and boating regulations, how to use your gear, and the procedures for catching and handling your fish. The boat will then motor across Yaquina Bay and under the impressive Bay Bridge that looms overhead, through the channel of the jetty, and out into the Pacific Ocean. Some charters offer crabbing options, and your boat may drop crab pots to be retrieved later on the way back into the docks.

Once on the open ocean, the captain will navigate a course to where various schools of sport fish abound. From this distance, the shoreline recedes inland, and you might be able to recognize important landmarks like the Yaquina Head Lighthouse or the sandy beaches that separate Newport from the ocean. The captain and crew will instruct you on how and when to drop your lure into the depths – this is when the magic happens! The anticipation and excitement is immediately heightened when a member of your fishing party cries, “Fish On!”

It’s easy to lose track of the time when the fish start biting, and the intervals are marked by catching fish or reeling in your gear and moving to a new location to find an unsuspecting group of hungry fish! Before you know it, the fish are piling up in the plastic tubs and buckets, and it’s time to return to the Bay. The trip back to the docks is a time for reflection of how satisfying the day has been, and suddenly how tired you feel as the adrenaline subsides. Once back on land, fish cleaning services are available for a small fee, and your only decision will be planning the menu for the night’s feast.

Chartered fishing is fun and exciting, and it’s also a great opportunity to try and catch your dinner, but remember that even sometimes the big one’s do get away. Catching fish is never guaranteed; that’s part of what makes it such a great sport!

Let’s Go Fishing!

Charter Fishing Companies in Newport

Newport Tradewinds

653 SW Bay Blvd.


Captains Reel Deep Sea Fishing

343 SW Bay Blvd.


Yaquina Bay Charters

1000 SE Bay Blvd. (near the Embarcadero Resort)


Newport Marina Store and Charters

2128 SE Marine Science Dr.


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Stay the night

We’ve got the room for you

You have a huge range of lodging options in Newport, from campsites to intimate B&Bs to luxury hotel rooms along the ocean. Below is a link to just a couple unique hotels with beautiful ocean views that you might enjoy. There are many more of course, so you might want to spend a full week in Newport and try more than one during your stay.

Discover More

The Buccaneer Rampage is Back!

Do you have what it takes to compete?

The roughest mud obstacle race on the Oregon Coast returns this year, so get ready to release your inner pirate! The Buccaneer Rampage takes place on July 14 at the Newport Municipal Airport, and will feature several miles of challenging obstacles through muddy, swampy terrain. The competitive wave will begin at 11 am, followed by regular wave #1 at 11:10 am, regular wave #2 at 11:15 am, and regular wave #3 at 11:20 am.

Competitors should be prepared to brave mud crawls, puddle jumps, rope walls and other intensive tests of strength and stamina. Prizes will be awarded to the top male and female competitors, and will also be given to those with the best pirate costumes. A mini-kids obstacle race will also be offered this year after most adults have crossed the finish line. The race will be followed by a celebration featuring music, food and a beer garden.

The Rampage is organized by the City of Newport Parks and Recreation, and proceeds from the event go to help the youth sports scholarship program. Participants must be 15 years of age or older to race on the adult course. Check their Facebook page regularly for updated information, and they may also leak some pictures of the course early.

Please make sure you know which wave you are entered in, and arrive 20 minutes prior to your designated wave start. Proceed to the staging area for instructions. Your wave time will be listed on your receipt. Visit for more information and to register for the race.

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Enjoy the Beach Safely!

Always be aware of your surroundings

Newport has miles of beautiful beaches that are perfect for a variety of activities, but they can also be dangerous if you are not aware of your surroundings. Safety is always something to think about when you are enjoying the beach, even in the calmest days of summer. We’ve put together a list of things to consider when visiting the beach, and hope that everyone has a safe and enjoyable time in the surf and sand.  

Keep Clear of

Watch the Water: The old saying, “never turn your back on the ocean” always applies no matter where you are near the Pacific Ocean. Sneaker waves can come into shore very quickly, and may have enough force to knock you off of your feet. This is especially true for pets and children because they don’t weigh as much as adults.

Driftwood: Stay away from large pieces of driftwood, as they are sometimes unstable, especially when water is moving underneath them. Although large pieces of driftwood might weigh hundreds of pounds, incoming waves can lift them up or roll them over with very little effort.

Understand the Tides: High tide can come in quickly, and people can become trapped on rocks and in places they could easily walk to at low tide. Keep an eye on the water level and incoming tides if you explore narrow sections of the beach, or go out to look at tide pools at low tide.

Be Careful of Rocky Surfaces: Use caution on rock formations or on the edge of cliffs, because the ground may not be solid and can give way and crumble beneath you. Large rock formations may also be slick from algae and seaweed even though they look dry, and may cause you to slip and lose your footing.

Enter the Ocean Carefully: Whether you are wading, swimming, bodyboarding or surfing, always make sure that you know when the tides are going out and be aware of powerful rip tides just below the surface. Don’t allow children and pets to go into the water without close supervision.

Extinguish Beach Fires: Always make sure that your beach fire is completely out by dowsing it with water and stirring the water into the coals. Never cover the fire with sand, as someone might walk onto the hot coals.

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