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Fall Feasts

Awesome food is on the menu at these Newport restaurants

The leaves have mostly turned, the harvests are mostly gathered -- in other words, it’s fall, and just because the weather's cooling, doesn't mean Newport's restaurant and bar scene are slowing down. Whether you want a quick bite or you’d rather linger over a multi-course gourmet feast, there is no shortage of great food in Newport.

Here is a sampling of the best-of-the-best, which is purely subjective, of course. You’ll have to try others to see if you have additional favorites in town. It’s a good thing you need three meals a day.

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Eight is Great!

Come meet an octopus at the Hatfield Marine Science Center

While Oregon State University’s official mascot is a beaver, OSU’s Hatfield Marine Science Center in South Beach has a mascot all its own: a giant Pacific octopus on display in a huge tank at the entrance to its Visitor Center. Visitors love to watch the leggy ambassador, especially when it stalks and devours a live crab at its public feedings (Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays at 1 pm). The Visitor Center keeps each octopus for only a few months before releasing it, but each individual animal is as fascinating as the last, so don’t miss this quintessential Newport experience. Want a preview? Go to the Visitor Center’s live streaming octocam on its octopus web page!

Hatfield Marine Science Center Visitor Center

2030 SE Marine Science Drive

Aw, shucks!

Oregon Oyster Farms produces bushels and bushels of beautiful briny bivalves

Seafood is always on the menu at the Oregon coast, and the stars of the show are usually salmon, halibut, and Dungeness crab. One type of Oregon seafood that doesn’t get as much attention, but should, is the humble yet delectable oyster.

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You Gotta Have Art

From performance to paintings, the arts thrive in Newport

A symphony of crashing waves and sea lion calls, a foggy watercolor morning at the beach, the wind-carved sculptures of cliffs and dunes – the masterpieces of the coast’s great outdoors serve  as constant muses for artists of all kinds in this small coastal town. The performing and visual arts are critical threads in the fabric of Newport life, and both thrive in two fantastic municipal venues, as well as in galleries, studios, and performance spaces all over the city. The Newport Performing Arts Center and Visual Arts Center are municipal facilities that provide a range of performing and visual arts offerings, respectively.

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Lights! Camera! Action!

Hollywood can’t resist photogenic Newport. Here are some of the most memorable films that feature a local backdrop

If you’re touring around Newport and suddenly get the nagging feeling that you’ve seen a particular vista or landmark before, it just might be because you’ve caught a glimpse of that piece of Newport on the silver screen. A number of films, some better-known than others, contain scenes shot in Newport. Here’s a guide to some of the movies where you just might see a familiar place.

Guided Tour

Star Fish(ermen)

Discovery Channel’s “Deadliest Catch” turns its cameras on Newport in “Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove”

We at Discover Newport know that Newport is amazing. You, our visitors, know Newport is amazing. Soon, millions of TV viewers will come to know how amazing Newport is through the eyes of a few of its Dungeness crab boat crews, who are on their way to becoming household names. The Discovery Channel’s new spinoff of the wildly popular reality show “Deadliest Catch,” to be called “Deadliest Catch: Dungeon Cove” will follow the trials and tribulations of a set of Newport fishermen in their quest for the Oregon state crustacean, Dungeness crab. The show premieres on the Discovery Channel on Tuesday, September 13 at 9:00 pm.

While the original “Deadliest Catch” focused on fishermen harvesting king and snow crab in the frigid and dangerous waters of Alaska’s Bering Sea, “Dungeon Cove” will feature some of Newport’s Dungeness boats. The show will highlight the dangers of Oregon crab fishing, like “crossing the bar” (coming into or out of Yaquina Bay and crossing the underwater sand bank at the bay’s mouth), and challenges of the fishing lifestyle like leaving family behind to head out to the open ocean.

The show follows the 2015-16 fishing season of six well-known Newport boats and crews: the Excalibur, the Winona J, the Western Breeze, the Redeemer, the Lady Law, and the Galway Bay (look for them tied up along the Bayfront when you visit this fall and winter, but they are often out fishing!).

“Dungeon Cove” will differ in a number of ways from the original Bering Sea “Deadliest Catch,” since the fishery itself is quite different – boats go out more frequently for only a few days at a time, and the season is shorter but therefore possibly more competitive. The town of Newport and its community will be featured heavily on the show.

Chris Retherford, one of the captains profiled on the show, has fished out of many West Coast ports, but Newport, his home, is his favorite. “It’s a great town to raise a family, and it’s a great community,” he said. What does he hope “Dungeon Cove” viewers will learn about fishing from watching the show? “I hope they understand that harvesting any seafood is dangerous, and that fishermen put a lot of hard work and sacrifice to bring in good product. So next time they’re at the fish market, maybe they’ll understand a little better about what went into getting that seafood there.”

Don’t miss the show, and don’t miss coming to Newport to experience the community in person. And when you do eat our amazing seafood, think about the boats and crews that brought it to your table!

Java Joy

Get your caffeine fix at one of Newport’s invigorating coffee stops

Rainy winter days call for coffee, and lots of it. In Newport we love great coffee, and it’s not hard to find. Here are a few spots in town where you can get your caffeine fix. Maybe don’t try them all on the same day.

Panini Bakery: This Nye Beach bakery has not only the best latte around, but also the best pastries. Stop in for a cinnamon roll or scone in the morning, Vietnamese Banh Mi sandwich for lunch, and a slice of their awesome thin-crust pizza for dinner. Coffee goes really well with all of these meals, right? 232 NW Coast St., Nye Beach

Carl’s Coffee: Also in Nye Beach, this shop makes great specialty espresso drinks, serves pastries from La Maison (see below), and is a great lunch spot to boot. Bonus: it’s right near the Nye Beach beach access, so you can get your drink to go and walk the beach. 715 NW Beach Dr., Nye Beach

Nye Beach Sweets: Featuring local coffee roaster, Pirate Coffee Company, here you can enjoy your favorite espresso drink or try a specialty creation like the Nervous Cow (ice cream topped with an espresso shot!) Nye Beach Sweets offers a wide variety of house-made fudge and baked goods along with a large selection of decadent chocolates, candies, jams, syrups, salt water taffy and more. 314 NW Coast St., Nye Beach

The Coffee House: The name says it all. Actually, it doesn’t: this wonderful Bayfront spot serves an incredible breakfast (pancakes that literally hang over the edge of the plate and life-changing biscuits and gravy) and terrific lunches as well. Drip coffee is made carefully, one cup at a time. 156 SW Bay Blvd., Bayfront

La Maison: La Maison, in an adorable little house in the downtown Deco District, serves French cafe-inspired foods. Their flaky pastries and cakes are to die for, and the huge lattes are just what you need to get you going at breakfast or lunch. 315 SW 9th St., Downtown Deco District

Surf Town Coffee Company: This shop adjacent to the Marine Discovery Tours office on the Bayfront roasts their own coffee, with roasts ranging from Shortboard Light to Longboard Dark. All of their delicious coffees are organic, fair trade, and roasted with love. Like the coffee? You can order it online. 345 SW Bay Blvd., Bayfront

Bayscapes Gallery & Coffee Shop: The glassed-in back room of this gem of a gallery and coffee shop has a great view of the Bayfront’s sea lion docks and the rest of the bay’s hustle and bustle. The folks at Bayscapes make wonderful coffee drinks as well – it’s a perfect place to take a break. 333 SW Bay Blvd., Bayfront

Dutch Bros.: Sure, there are 250 of them throughout the western U.S. now, but did you know that Dutch Bros. was founded in Oregon? If you’re not in the mood for coffee (what?), you can get a smoothie, hot chocolate, or infused tea or Blue Rebel energy drink at the convenient and ever-friendly drive-through. 822 SW Coast Highway